New Green Technologies

The future looks green as people all over the world put their heads together to support the growing population while reducing its impact on Earth. Innovators are putting modern technologies to good use to create a future of sustainability. By preserving and conserving, people are shaping a world that future generations can enjoy for years to come. Here are three technologies leading the way!

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines aren’t new, but innovators are coming up with new ways to use them to create more renewable energy. Traditional wind turbines use hydraulic shafts, high pressure hydraulic shaft seals, blades and generators to capture and convert the wind’s kinetic energy. One of the latest innovations, however, is a home wind turbine. Home wind turbines could power a home like solar panels do, using the power of the wind instead of the sun. These turbines would be much smaller than the large ones you typically see.

Solar Shingles

Another innovation that could bring renewable energy to households worldwide is solar shingles. Tesla’s solar roof implements solar tech into the structure of a roof using special shingles. The price of solar shingles is still relatively high for the average homeowner, but it should drop in the coming years as the technology becomes more commonplace. Solar shingles can help a household reduce its carbon footprint without needing a separate roofing system and solar panels.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming takes advantage of vertical space in places lacking in horizontal space. Locations such as metropolitan regions without acres of land available for farming can instead integrate vertical farming into the designs of buildings. Vertical farming can produce food with minimal impact on the environment. It is a relatively simple solution to the issue of feeding the growing population without sapping any more of the earth’s resources.

Keep your eye on these three promising innovations. These and others could provide solutions to key sustainability issues around the globe.

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