Unconventional Skills That Could Save Your Life

There’s a lot more to enduring in the wild than pitching a tent and starting a fire. Nature can be unforgiving, and getting lost or stranded in the wilderness can be fatal. Learning a few additional skills beyond the basics can give you the confidence to survive on your next trip to the outdoors.

Rope Rescue

Ravines, peaks, and canyons, oh my! Even the most skilled adventurist can fall victim to a camouflaged gully or an unruly river. An innocent misstep may lead to injury and seclusion, both of which can make recovery a tricky prospect. Having some rope rescue training before exploring can increase the odds of rescue should someone in your caravan become marooned in a seemingly unreachable area.


Weather conditions can greatly impact your chance of survival if things take an unexpected turn. While taking off layers and finding shade in a hot environment can keep you from overheating, finding warmth in the cold can be a bit more complicated. Searching for materials to insulate yourself or your shelter can expend precious energy, so knowing how to keep yourself warm ahead of time may be crucial to survival.

Food Identification

If resources for hunting or cooking food are low, finding sustenance can seem like a hopeless effort. Recognizing which plant life you can eat straight from the source can help you find ample nourishment without draining your stamina. Much of the vegetation around you may be edible, but it’s unlikely that it’s all good to eat. Knowing what plants will cause harm can help you avoid complicating your situation further with illness or toxicity. If already ill, the flora around you may also be able to cure what ails you or at least prevent things from worsening.

While you may never be 100% prepared for the worst circumstances, you can improve your chances of making it out of a survival scenario unscathed with some ingenuity and know-how. These skills, when properly trained and perfected, can help you make the best out of a desperate situation.

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