5 Colorful Walls Paint Ideas from Luxury Home

Painting of your walls is a result of your efforts to find right color shade, experienced painting contractor and quality of paints. Flawless walls demand not just attractive color but quality of paint as well. Customer’s demand of trendy and unique patterns in their home has made interior decorators come up with stunning ideas. Whether you have a luxurious mansion or a compact apartment painting has huge role in interior decoration. Spacious and narrow places have their own painting constraints. Today, there are more than thousand painting options for all types of places. There are some practical and astonishing paint ideas if you are in search of exclusive painting results in Pojoaque NM.

1. Use Same Paint Shade for Ceiling and Walls

Although it depends on your taste but same paint on walls and ceiling creates a sense of homogeneity in your home. Same color and same shades helps you to get ambiance in your home. Light colored walls and ceiling make your home radiant and bright. It is either day or night you have a feel of openness in your place. Nevertheless, darker tones and shades in paint impart coziness in homes. You can change colors with seasons. Try refreshing colors in summer and matt shades in winter. You will actually feel a difference in your home atmosphere. All colors have different capacity to reflect and absorb light. Use these colors rightly in changing seasons.

2. Install Layered Lighting

You have to admit that lighting of a place is most important to make complete beauty of your paint emerge. Lights used in your home have to complement the painting of walls. Professional painting companies advise you to repaint homes in way that pain complements the lighting. Layered lighting is use of fancy lights installed for decoration and artwork. These lights impart a luxurious look to your home. A quality paint and layered lighting bring depth to home interior. Decorative table lamps, pendant lights and hurricane lamps enhances the aura of a place. Lighting and wall paint both play equal role in home décor. People love candle light dinners because light of candles and wall paints collectively create a pleasant environment.

3. Match Trim and Wall Paint

There is no decoration plan that can be completed without trims. Choice of trim depends on your aesthetics and taste. However, if you match trims with your wall paint then you can get a focused theme in your home. This painting idea can make you bedrooms look bigger and living room humongous. Try to use oil paints on trims and water based paint on walls. This trick provides better reflection of light. This idea is new and many people are trying it. You can make your homes look trendy even if they have traditional architecture. You can even notice a feel of irregularity and chaos in places where too many colors are used. It shows lack of planning when colors of decorations, furniture, wall paint, flooring and ceiling do not complement.

4. Draw Strips on Your Wall

Presently many interior designers draw geometric patterns and strips on walls. It is again dependent on choice but it is better to use geometric patterns in workplaces. Strips can be drawn in homes in many ways. Add an insight to your walls by drawing strips which extend towards you ceiling. Strips in walls and ceiling make your home look organized.

5. Use DIY Painting Methods

There is wide range of ideas if you are willing to paint wall yourself. DIY is best option when you creative yourself. You have to take care in selection of the paint quality. You can draw patterns like brink patterns. You can use animation in your kid’s room. You are free to experiment and there are number of things in your home that can be utilized for this purpose. Your teenage kids love to have their rooms depict their cool nature. Give them liberty to paint their bedroom walls. It will enhance their creativity and elegance of walls at the same time. DIY methods are cost effective as well.

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