5 Stationery Items That A Workplace Must Have

Stationery Items at workplace

No matter how many electronic items you use in your workplace, the charm of traditional office stationary will always remain the same as it was years ago. Without these objects, a workplace looks incomplete. So, in this article, we have covered a few essential stationary items that must be in your office.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Pens

Pens are the most essential stationary item that an office can’t afford to miss. From attending a conference, meeting or presentation to sales pitches, every occasion will require you to have a pen. Whether you want to write down some information or mark something important, a pen always has high demand. Besides office, you can also use them for advertising and promoting your brand’ for example, promotional pens are good to distribute in giveaway and customer loyalty programs.

As the use of a pen is highest among all the office stationery, we suggest you to buy a pack of pen to be used by all the employees, so that you don’t have to buy them time after time.

2. Notepads

Notepads are indeed an essential part of office stationery. Whether you want to jot down some statistical data while talking to someone on phone or pen down any information like address or email, it is always good to have a notepad.

Make sure you always have a pen and notepad handy on your work table. This way, you don’t have to spend time searching for a paper to jot down what you have in your mind. Moreover, keeping a notepad and a pen on your meeting table will help you notice the important points of the meeting.

3. Pencils

Pencils are more than just a childish item. Imagine, you are reading a book or magazine and want to highlight it for a temporary period. In that case, neither a highlighter nor pen is a good option to use. This is when a pencil will come in handy, as you can easily erase those marks once your job is done. You can also write some text in the outer space of a page using a pencil, if needed.

As the writing of pencil does not last longer, you can use them to write temporary things. This will not only make you remember what you have marked, but also keep the book or magazine clean.

4. Blank papers

Some A4 size papers have always been a useful object to keep in an office. These are good to write any temporary information or make a rough list while planning something in your mind. You can also draw a chart or diagram to explain a particular concept, idea or model to someone.

5. Staplers

You can’t deny the fact that in spite of sharing and storing the information and files online, every office has a lot of paper files, reports and other documents. These collections of papers need to be filed or stapled together to keep them safe. A stapler performs exactly the same task and therefore is a must-have accessory in a workplace.

This stationary item comes with a staple remover as well. Larger staplers are used to attach notices and flyers to the wall.

6. Envelopes

If you are under the impression that the online file transfer (through email or any other mode) has reduced the need for sending letters, then you are wrong. Even though emails have replaced sending letters, envelopes still hold the essential place amongst other office stationary.

Apart from sending letters, they can also be used to send office invitations, cheques, business cards and other papers.

7. Highlighters

Highlighters stand at the 7th position on the list of essential office stationary. Apart from meetings, seminar and power point presentation, highlighters are also used in many other situations. Imagine you are reading a newspaper, book or magazine and find something interesting that you want to keep in mind forever.

These interesting lines could be any statistical information, a motivational quote or a line about your favourite person. You can highlight such lines immediately with the help of a highlighter, so that you don’t have to dig through a mountain of papers to search the same line.

There is hardly an office that misses any of these stationary items, but if you have not yet included any of these in your workplace, then without wasting anymore time add the required one to complete your work table.