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We are in the middle of a summer season.

One way to pass this scorching summer is to relax under the shade and have “me time”with a mug of juice.

Another way is to invite friends, family, acquaintances, business associate, classmates or colleagues in a summer party.

Imagine people sipping a raspberry lemonade,splashing water at each other, having a chitchat on the corner and jumping around on The Beatles’ “A Good Day Sunshine.”

If you have lush green grass and enough space for the summer party on your backyard, then procrastination is not an option. Your backyard is not big enough to host your large crowd. Pick an outdoor venue for the party.

Why hire a party rental service when you can do this on your own?

Follow these tips to host a summer party bash that your guest will be talking for years:

1. Make The Guests Feel Special with the Invitation

If you are not running low on time, surprise your guests with a unique invitation – send handwritten paper invites. Trust me, everyone is tired of email, text, Facebook invitations. After all, they do not pass on the same spirit that a personal invite can do.

If you really want to send out digital invites, maybe because your invitees are far apart, create an impressive design. Now, this does not necessarily have to be a jaw-dropping one –  a simple professional looking one can be developed using a good graphic design tool.

If you chose to follow a party-theme (covered later), make sure you are mentioning it in your invitation.

2. Set a Theme

It is time for you to get creative juices flowing. It will pay you off. And a theme is where you can play around with different ideas before settling on the one. A right theme breathes life to a party and let the people feel part of it. So take enough time to choose a party theme that can give the right ambiance to your chosen place and cheers up the people who are going to come to your party.

Here are some ideas you need to consider:

  • Select a color or perhaps two but not more than three.
  • Create a mascot for the party.
  • Try to, artistically, reflect your theme in decoration, food, chefs, dress codes for hosts and guests and their kids, and anywhere that you deem reasonable.

3. Decorate to Impress

If you want everything to be right at your party, it is best to start your planning with an inspirational mood board. With some small decorative accessories, you can give a personality to your space and make sure that your guests feel the vibe of the party.

It is almost a sin to think about a summer party without balloons. There should be a lot of them and with multiple colors.

Put flowers wherever they look beautiful. Ideally, use colorful ones if you can. Make your tables pretty with table covers that match the theme of your party.

A little tip: Outdoor rugs, lounge chairs, candles and lanterns, and colorful pennant banners at the fence always go in style!

4. Food and Drink Can Make or Break the Party

Similar to cocktails, your meal should be served with style. Given the nutritional preferences of the attendees, we recommend light and healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy.

But first serve the starters. You do not want them to feel satiated before the main course.

How about if you serve cold slushies with frozen fruits like strawberries, peaches or mangoes?

You can also ask your guests to contribute something to the buffet. Everyone gets a sense of belonging right away. And you only need to take care of a few stylish servers and helpers.

5. Plan Fun and Recreational Activities

You don’t want your guests to sleep out of boredom.You need to offer them fun activities to keep them entertained and avoid boredom creep in your event. You can do a number of things.

For Kids: If you have invited your guest’s kids, arrange bounce,jumping castle, zig-zags for them. Pool toys like floats, color balls, and water blasters. Take out your kids’ toys. If your kids do not share their stuff, this is an opportunity for you to teach that.

For Adults: Grown-ups would love games as well. Even if they hesitate in the beginning, drag them onto the ground. The entire experience will be worth it. Take my words!

Since it is summer, the water should be part to everything. Water balloons, watermelon, water guns, if you can get anything water into it you are safe.

Depending on the space available, setup volleyball, soccer, croquet in the garden. Water-sports will be mind-blowing as well. Play water volleyball, dodgeball, or any other kids’ game. Mind you, they are the best fun!

Hang a backyard swing for lovebirds. The newlyweds would love you for that. Some folks want to relax a bit too to have a chitchat. Throw in some extra cushions with a mat for that.

Also, you cannot let them burn outside the whole party. Get some indoor game as well. Billiards, table tennis, chess or whatever you think they might enjoy playing.

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6. Use the Right Music to Set the Mood

Play fun and loud music to help people relax and shake a leg. Can it be loud enough to interfere in private conversations? Yes, it can. Don’t worry, they will too join the party.

Find a place to hang a video screen where hip-hop music videos can thrill the audience. This can jazz up the atmosphere and make the people feel charged up.


Don’t forget to get a high-quality camera to capture some memorable moments. You will need them after the party to relive the good times and busting bad moods.

Have the stuff like sunglasses, sun cream, and first-aid box in your luggage. Keep them accessible to your fun spot or hold a big tag saying “Essentials” on it.

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