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7 Benefits Of Dating A Younger Man

When women tell their friends that they are dating a much younger man, often times their friends will disapprove. Their friends will ask what they are getting out of a relationship with a younger man. What these friends don’t know is that there are several benefits of dating a younger man via online dating sites such as My Cougar Dates.

1. It’s All About You

When you are dating an older man, you have to compete with his career, his obligations, and the stress that these things cause. When you are dating a younger man, he will have more time to show his interest in you. You will be the more established one in the relationship. He will be impressed by your success and achievement, setting the tone for the relationship. Over time, he will likely become as successful as you, but in the beginning, you can be the independent one with her head on her shoulders.

2. They Bring Their Best Game for You

Younger men will work to impress you. Because they look up to for your success, they will go out of their way to make you look up to them as well. When you are around, they will be the smartest, best, most mature version of themselves.

3. They Have More Energy

When you are dating an older man, you should expect to have early nights and many nights at home in front of the television. Older men just don’t have the energy that they had when they were young. When you are dating a younger man, they will have the energy to go on nature hikes, to stay up late, and to dance late into the night.

4. They Have Less Baggage

Older men often have a great deal of baggage. They may have been hurt in past relationships. They might have and ex wife and children in their life, who will be in their life forever. If they are older and have never been in a serious relationship, they may have commitment issues. Often times, when a man goes through a bad relationship, they take it out on the next woman that they date. Younger men do not have baggage. They have had less time to be hurt, making them less cynical. Younger men are more optimistic and ready to love.

5. They Like to Try New Things

When you date an older man, they are often set in their ways. Date night means dinner and a movie every time. When you date a younger man, they are more willing to try new things. He could take you dancing on one date and playing paintball the next. Older women dating younger men will never get boring or monotonous.

6. They Will Appreciate You

Younger men will often have a great appreciation for you. Because you are older and have more life experience, they will value your knowledge. They will also appreciate the fact that you are confident in who you are and do not play the games that women their own age play. Most men want a drama free relationship, and they will appreciate that you are able to give them that.

7. They Can Bring Out Your Inner Child

Young men bring a fresh, fun feel to the relationship. They have a simple take on life, which can be very refreshing. They tend to be silly at times, wanting to wrestle or have a tickle fight. If you go with it, you can start to feel like a kid yourself. Being with a younger man can make you feel years younger.

While your friends may think that you are crazy for dating a younger man, you could be having the time of your life. If you are interested in a younger man, go for it. Don’t worry about what your friends say. As long as you know the benefits of dating a younger man, that is all that matters.