Mistakes Guys Make While Getting Dressed

Most guys think that any cloth they put on is the right one. Choosing the best is always the biggest challenge for a man who wants to dress smartly. It is always important to know the rules and then choosing wisely matters. Guys make mistakes when they are grooming or dressing. Mistakes can be done when dressing but should not be deliberate. Let’s have a look at 7 mistakes that men make when getting dressed.

1. Wrong Outerwear

Wearing inappropriate outerwear is a mistake that men make when getting dressed. The right outerwear should be put on for the right weather conditions. Wearing heavy jackets and trench coats during a hot and sunny day is not appropriate. Therefore, the clothes put on should be appropriate for the weather of the day or season.

2. Putting On Same Color Tie And Shirt

The first mistake a guy does is putting on a tie of the same color with the shirt. This is what is popularly known as monochrome style mistakes. A tie and a shirt should be matching, therefore, mixing things up will make one more presentable, well-groomed and it does not hurt.

3. Stained Clothes

Most guys put on stained clothes and think that it is fine. Because the shirt or trouser is his favorite does not give him a right to put it on. This is a mistake that guys should avoid because it will give the wrong impression about them which can ruin their public image. They can be branded as don’t cares, irresponsible or lack mannerism. Some think that pizza stains can be understood by people especially their peers. You can carry an extra cloth if you are going to a muddy and slippery place to change in case of any eventuality.

4. Wearing Many Colors

Wearing many colors at once is a mistake many guys make. They should keep things very simple. Having a myriad of colors will give an impression that you want to be recognized, or you are an attention seeker. No one wants to look like a bag of skittles or a rainbow with crazy colors that are not appealing at all. This is a mistake most guys, mostly teenagers and those in their 20’s make. A cloth with many colors that does not match might be used by comedians and dancers for entertainment purposes, but not any other guy who want to look professional.

5. Same Shoes Every Day

Even if the pair of shoe is your favorite, wearing it every day is unacceptable. It can cause a bad smell if it is not properly cleaned. Changing your shoes regularly is recommended and takes good care of the shoe, hence avoiding bad smell and helps to evade the risk of being branded names by your peers.

6. Buttoning All Buttons

Buttoning all the buttons is not advisable because it will make you look too stuffy and uncomfortable. Leave at least two or three buttons unbuttoned on your vest, jacket or cardigan. Most young adults think that it is showing their lifestyle fitness, but they are dehydrating their bodies through sweating. Unbuttoning all buttons too is a mistake too that should be avoided.

7. Wearing Socks With Sandals

Wearing socks with sandals is a mistake many guys make thinking it is something good to boost in their ego. Sandals should not be worn with socks because it is not only inappropriate but also gives an impression that you are not concerned with your grooming and neatness.


Some mistakes done by most guys may be because of peer pressure and their generation lifestyle they want to promote or please. Some guys have been mistaken to be rude, unprofessional and lack respect simply because of their dressing style. Dressing neatly needs not to be a costly affair but putting on what you can afford in a decent way. Dress smartly!

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