Things You Should Know About Any Beauty Products

Beauty products are substances or products that are intended to be used to enhance the fragrance and appearance of your body. They are applied externally to beautify, cleanse and promote attractiveness. They are designed to be used for various purposes with an overall goal of enhancing your beauty. They are made from chemical compounds derived synthetically or from natural sources. Most common products include hair styling products, facial products, nail products, perfumes etc. Here are 7 things you should know about any beauty product

1. They are regulated by FDA board

The board regulates the beauty products since they are sold as over-the-counter drugs. The board ensures that the products are effective and safe to use. They ensure that the labels in all brands are correctly stated. Before the product is released in the market, they check on the quality and quantity of ingredient constituents. They aim at eradicating adulterated products. These products are counterfeits of original products for the brand companies’ financial gain. They ban the products and prosecute those who commit this crime of adulterating. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Program writes a review on the scientific information and safety conditions of the products.

2. They existed in the ancient times

Beauty products were invented long time ago whereby there were restrictions in putting them. This included the age, location and occasion at which you were supposed to use them. They were just used by noble people only. This has changed as years goes by where you have freedom to use them at any age and at any given place. Their distributions were highly restricted; unlike today where you can get them easily.

3. They contain labels

All branded products sold over-the-counter contain labels. These labels allow you to select the right product to use on your body. It is because they contain all information about the products that is regulated by the board. Information contained includes:

  • The expiring date of the product.
  • The ingredients used.
  • The quantity and quality of each ingredient.
  • Instructions on how to use and store the product for safety measures.

It is important to have this information with you. However, some ingredients are hard to understand. You should also be aware of those unbranded products. They are sold in local shops, through the door-to-door method and besides the roads. They might contain harmful ingredients that can lead to great harm on your skin.

Skincare tips recommend you to check for the information of the beauty product on the label, before purchasing a product. This will enable you to avoid allergic and carcinogenic products.

4. They all need preservatives

Preservatives are natural or synthetic substances that are used to keep your products from spoilage. They hinder chemical changes in your product and keep pathogens that might cause harm to you at bay. They hinder their growth on the products. As a result, the products effectiveness is enhanced over a long duration of time enough for consumers to finish the product. Although, the products contain preservatives they must be stored and used properly. The most used preservative class is the parabens, formaldehyde and alcohol. You should be keen on other preservative used other than parabens. They might be allergic to your skin and some are also comedogenic.

5. They expire after duration of time

Although the products contain preservatives they do not last forever. Most of them are effective for the duration of about one to two years with sunscreens having the longest duration of about three years. It is necessary to note the date at which your product expires. Expired products might cause great problems in your body and on your skin. You can detect an expired product through a change in scent, color or texture.

Look for the expiring date on the stamp and if in doubt it is advisable to throw it away. Most of the brands’ companies state the lifespan of their products.

To maintain their efficacy for the given duration, you should store them properly in a cool, dry place. Make sure they have lids on them throughout. Factors such as excess heat will accelerate the clumping and separation process making it ineffective.

6. They are absorbed in your body

Most of the products are absorbed into your body through the pores. They tend to affect it or even to some instances they add toxins. They contribute to many health issues; for instance, a hormonal imbalance which has great impacts on your body. Change in hormone levels can interfere with collagen production cycle. This is because most of the effects of ingredients that make them are unknown to you.

There are cases whereby most of the ingredients banned in European cosmetics are used in U.S. cosmetics.

7. They increase your skin sensitivity

The products contain substances such as lead, nickel, chromium, mercury and hydroquinone. They bleach your skin making it hypersensitive to the sun rays. This is by reducing the production of melanin. They lead to itching, blisters formation, pigmentations and sunburns on your skin. Some of the contents are also carcinogenic.


Avoid sharing your beauty products to eradicate contamination which can cause damage to your skin. Always keep them clean to prevent microbial growth. This will maintain its effectiveness for the given duration. The mentioned points will enable you to be wise when choosing and using the beauty products.

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