Tips To Reduce Snoring

If you’ve stumbled upon this piece, then there are pretty good chances that you’re either a victim of your roommate’s deafening snores or maybe you just won’t admit that it’s you who has the problem.

Though snoring does not harm your health, we can assure you that it isn’t a lullaby that lets people around you sleep peacefully. So, if you wish to get rid of the horn blaring right out of your mouth in the wee hours of the night, here are 7 tips that will help you with it!

1. Throat Exercises

No…we don’t want you to lift weights with your throat! As you age, your muscles will lose their elasticity and get weak if you don’t use them. Stronger throat muscles will reduce the chances of tongue rolling back while you sleep. We recommend that you see an ENT specialist and get a list of exercises which will help you control the movement of your tongue. One simple exercise for your tongue is to keep it straight and swing it from left to right while trying to touch the corner of your lips.

2. Change Your Sleeping Position

One of the main causes of snoring is your sleeping position. As you sleep on your back, your tongue collapses and lies at the back of your throat. The tongue creates a vibrating sound when you breathe in and out. This problem can be solved by sleeping on the side. If you can’t sleep on your side for long time, resting your head on a memory foam pillow will help you get better sleep.

3. Lose Weight

There is a myth that, only fat people snore due to weight problems. We would like to tell you that this is not true at all because people who are stick thin snore as well. There is a counter point to weight gain myth. When you gain weight, the excess tissue present in your body will press on and restrict your airways which will lead to vibrations that cause snoring. So, if you’ve started snoring after weight gain, losing some of it will help you reduce snoring.

4. Use Anti Snoring Solution

If you don’t want time consuming solutions and you are looking for a faster way to deal with it, try using an anti snoring mouth appliance, a fresh solution in the market that deals with snoring faster than a freight train. If you have tried everything and you are not getting the results you wanted, visit a doctor and get prescription for a custom made oral appliance. There are normal appliances available in the market which can help reduce snoring too.

5. Clear Your Nasal Pathway

A lot of people ignore the role that their noses play thinking that their mouth is the main culprit for snoring. A blocked nose makes breathing extremely difficult. This will force you to keep your mouth open, increasing the chances of you snoring along with giving that flying mosquito free entry in your mouth too. There are many ways that will help you clear the blockage in your nose. Using a nasal strip will help you in opening and raising the nasal passages. You can also take a hot shower which will help raise your body temperature and free your nasal pathway.

6. Avoid Alcohol

It is true that drinking alcohol affects not only the liver but also the respiratory system. So, if you find yourself snoring after a few drinks, we’d suggest that you avoid alcohol. Alcohol disturbs the resting pattern of your throat muscles. While you are asleep, the disturbance with the throat muscles lead to vibrations as you breathe. To get a snore free sleep, do not consume alcohol just before sleeping. Make sure there’s a gap of at least five hours in your sleep time and your drinking.

7. Staying Hydrated

One of the cheapest remedies to avoid snoring is staying hydrated throughout the day. If you are dehydrated, the secretions from soft palate and nose become sticky that results in snoring. To avoid dehydration, drink water regularly, according to your body weight, body type and at proper intervals. Also, drink a glass of water before sleep.

While you are at it, also keep a filled water bottle next to your bed. A well maintained room temperature can do wonders for your sleep. So, make sure that the designer radiator in your room is set at just the right temperature so as to give you a good night’s sleep.

Though the solution for snoring problems may differ from person to person, we hope that the above-mentioned tips help you put a stop to it or at least reduce it.

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