Advantages Of Root Canals Explained

Advantages Of Root Canals Explained

Are you worried about an upcoming root canal procedure?

Here, a dentist Brentwood discusses the advantages of having a root canal to help debunk some of the myths that surround this procedure.


The main feature of a root canal is to restore the strength to the tooth that has been lost due to the pulp removal.

Once you have had the affected tooth filled and either a crown, filling or veneer placed onto it, you will find that not only does your tooth become stronger than it was before, but you will also be able to feel it biting into food. So, it will not be a dead tooth in your mouth. Great!


First things first, a root canal will not cause your tooth to turn black or grey but rather remain the same colour.

A root canal will allow your tooth to stay in your mouth, thus removing any issues that you may have with gaps. So, when compared to other treatment options for oral infections, such as extractions, this is a win-win situation!

advantages of having a root canal


You may have read online that root canals are uncomfortable. This is simply not the case!

If you have an oral abscess, chances are that you are in so much discomfort already; therefore, simply by having the source of the infection removed from the pulp, you will feel more comfortable.

Also, when compared to an oral extraction, a root canal does not require stitches, is not going to be as uncomfortable and there is a significantly lower chance of the site becoming infected. So, in the long term, it is the more comfortable option.

Prevent degeneration

As mentioned earlier, the key aim behind a root canal is to restore the damage done to the decayed or degenerated tooth.

By ensuring that the tooth remains intact, you can also reduce the chances of your jaw bone degenerating. Remember, if you have an oral extraction performed over a root canal, this could heighten the chance of your jaw shrinking and receding. In turn, it could create problems with alignment and overall oral health.

As the jaw shrinks back, it becomes thinner and weaker, making certain types of restorative work, such as dental implants, more difficult unless they are performed immediately. By having a root canal, you can bypass all these issues and be left with a stronger tooth and a jawbone that has not been weakened.

Enhances oral health

There is more than one way through which a root canal can enhance your oral health.

For starters, by having the infection within the tooth removed (and by removing the potential of it recurring), you could prevent a lot of discomfort and issues with your teeth and gums in the long run. Recurring oral infections can cause problems to the roots of surrounding teeth, heighten the chance for cavities and gum diseases to form and even lead to issues with orthodontic alignment.

If you would like more information on how a root canal can help benefit your oral health, contact your dental team today!