Advantages Of Wearing An Invisible Aligner

Advantages Of Wearing An Invisible Aligner

Are you trying to decide whether it is worth getting an invisible aligner?

What are some of the main advantages of using invisible aligners to straighten your smile anyway? Read on to find out!

Better discretion

As the name suggests, Invisalign Wimbledon, also known as invisible aligners, are visually the most discrete orthodontic tool available.

Made from clear plastic, these aligners can be custom-fitted to slot over your teeth, and as there is no metal anywhere in the aligner, it can be very hard for even your closest friends to spot them.

In daily life, they are more discrete too; you do not have to alter your diet to wear them in the same way as you would have to with other orthodontic devices. Also, there are fewer dental checkups needed with your dentist, so your busy work-family balance will not be significantly affected by dental appointments. Great stuff!


As mentioned earlier, another advantage of this aligner is that it is removable, so you will not need to change your diet when you wear it. This also means that you can remove it when you take part in contact sports, give talks at work or even go out on dates! Just be sure to keep the aligners in your mouth for the prescribed time each day as set down by your dentist; this will usually be about 22 hours.

However, the fact that it is removable can present its own set of challenges for patients; if you are a bit nonchalant about your dental care, you may forget to put your aligners back in. And whilst there may not seem to be anything wrong with this, it can cause delays in your misalignment treatment, meaning you will have to wear the aligners for longer.

Accelerated treatment time

You may have read that an invisible aligner can straighten teeth within a shorter time frame than traditional braces; on average, this is correct!

When wearing a clear brace, the treatment time for most adults and teenagers ranges from around 3-9 months on average, whereas a fitted brace can take up to 3 years to straighten teeth.

But remember, when you attend your dental surgery for a consultation about invisible aligners, they may decide that your dental misalignment is too severe to correct with this device and may recommend fitted braces. The reason why invisible aligners are so speedy is that they are better suited to correct mild to moderate misalignment issues.


Another benefit of an invisible aligner is comfort.

Unlike fitted braces which utilise adjustments or tightening to straighten teeth, aligners gently push your teeth into their new, desired positions. This is because they are custom-fitted to your teeth, and each aligner is a slightly different shape. By applying pressure to your teeth in this fashion, the aligner can move your teeth more comfortably.

Excellent results

And finally, a key point that you may not have considered is that the results achieved by an invisible aligner are just as good as that of regular braces.

The results are long-lasting too; 98% of patients reported no reversion 10 years after treatment.