All About Veneers

All About Veneers

Veneers in London are the top choice for many people who want a great smile. Most people do not have perfect teeth. They may suffer from issues such as staining, misalignment, gaps between the teeth and misshapen teeth. All these issues can be very detrimental to how confident a person feels about how they look. This can have an impact on their ability to socialise, succeed in their chosen career and even on finding the perfect partner. Veneers can drastically improve a person’s appearance to the extent that their self-confidence is greatly increased, as is their success in all areas of life.

What are veneers?

Veneers are essentially a brand-new front cover for the teeth that ultimately transform the smile. They are made from porcelain and take the form of ultra-thin shell-like structures that fit seamlessly over the natural teeth.

The treatment can usually be done in two appointments at the dentist. At the first appointment, they file down the teeth just a fraction in order to provide the correct surface for the veneers to fit onto. After this has been done, the patient bites into a mould so that the dentist can create an exact record of the shape and size of the teeth. The patient is then fitted with temporary veneers so that the teeth are well protected until the next visit when the treatment will be completed.

The impressions of the teeth are sent to the laboratory, where the veneers are created. In this way, they can be crafted to match the individual teeth of the patient exactly. This allows for a much more natural result that is virtually undetectable by others.

When the patient returns for the final appointment, the veneers are fitted using a special bonding material that is hard-wearing and designed to last. The use of ultraviolet light helps to make the process faster and more effective.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Veneers offer a means of getting a great smile that is very natural looking. Teeth that have become weakened over the years are strengthened by this treatment and are thus better protected from potential wear and tear and even damage. Many people find that their teeth become stained or yellowish as they get older, and this treatment allows a complete transformation to newly bright and white. This can help people to look younger and feel at their most confident best.

Veneers are also used as a means of fixing teeth that are a little misshapen, misaligned or which have gaps between them. The alternatives to this treatment are solutions such as crowns or braces. While these solutions can be very effective, they are also more invasive treatments that require more time and more visits to the dentist. Veneers offer a way for the patient to gain straight and uniform teeth without having to spend hours at the surgery or months and years waiting for results.

Keeping veneers in good condition

It is relatively easy to take care of veneers. Having a good oral hygiene routine is important and can help to make them last for many years. Otherwise, it is important to wear a mouthguard while playing sports and avoid grinding the teeth where possible.