Andrew and Andrew – Who Are They

When an individual is searching for Solicitors Portsmouth, they need to look for a practice that offers a high level of expertise and a wealth of experience. Each solicitor within the practice is able to educate, support and guide their clients whilst they sort through their affairs.

Whether the support comes directly from in house or whether it is through links to surrounding businesses and courts, which the practice has many of, the dedicated and highly efficient team remain by their client’s side in whatever way necessary.

So, what do they offer?

The moment a client decides to work with one of the Solicitors Portsmouth, is the moment a team begins to be formed. The first part of discovering the best team to support is to understand which particular service may be of use for the case. From compensation to family disagreements to the death of a loved one, no matter which legal avenue that may be faced, discovering which support is best suited is the first step.

Family Law.

Whilst no one wants to have struggles within the family, on occasions disputes and disagreements are unable to be resolved within the family and legal help is needed to assist.  It is not a situation that anybody wants to be in but it is one which can be helped by a solicitor. Whether it be a divorce, child custody or an argument between multiple relatives, having guidance from the Family Law team can make all the difference. Their expertise and knowledge combined with their impartiality can help resolve even the toughest situations and help find the optimal outcome for you and your family.

Wills and Probate.

The death of a friend or family member can be crippling emotionally. Grief can take over and the idea of sorting through their affairs can be a burden that is too much to bear at that particular moment in time. Whilst putting it all off and delaying the processes may be thought about, in truth, having everything sorted promptly is essential. This is where having the support from your legal team is essential. All the legal tick boxes and jargon can be explained and dealt with together with the team whilst alleviating a fraction of the burden on the client and allowing them to grieve.

The sensible route.

Although tackling your own affairs without legal help can be the cheaper option in the short term, in the long term this short-cut can become extremely costly. Therefore, getting legal support early on is essential. For those that find they are in need of legal guidance it is important that they do their research on who to support them. From the history of the practice, the reputation of the law firm and the individual members, to the services they offer, it is important to look below the surface and contact the practice to understand more. This is where the free consultation process comes in. Opening the door to gain an understanding on how the practice can help and which legal team is for you.

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