If you need to find a dentist, you probably don’t want to rely on word of mouth. While that may sound a little crazy, you trust your hairdresser’s advice more than your own mother’s, after all! You may have different dental requirements, and when you actually pick everything, you want in a dental practice, you may find it is something different to Tracey’s.

A dentist Liverpool, for example, may offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments, whereas another dentist in the same area may specialise more in restorative work such as dental implants. And then, there are some dental clinics that have got it all and may even finish off your smile by offering a whole fresh-faced appearance with facial aesthetic treatments as well. Dentists are professionals in facial anatomy, so it makes sense that they carry out this sort of delicate work, after all, especially in the sterile environment of a dental practice.

What to consider

If you are looking for a new dental practice, recommendations are, of course, a great place to start, but you also need to consider what you want. While it’s sensible to find a dental practice that can meet your specific needs at the moment, you may also wish to consider what they will be able to do for you in the next ten years. For example, you may currently just need general dental care, but you may also want to find a dentist who can provide cosmetic dentistry for teeth whitening in the future when the cups of coffee and glasses of vino are starting to make their mark! For this reason, researching the treatments available is a savvy move.

Some dentists offer a broader range of treatments than others, so why not check out their websites to compare? You could also visit the dental clinic to ask for a price list and have a little taste of what the place and the staff are like. If you find yourself walking into the clinic and feeling at home, then it could beat other similar places because you’d want to feel the most relaxed when having dental work done.

And also…

You may not just wish to restrict your search to treatments; you may also like to look into whether or not there have been any awards for the treatments provided by the dental practices you are researching. Look out for awards from The Dentistry Awards, for example, or for accreditations from specific treatment brands, such as Invisalign, a treatment for realigning teeth. A “diamond provider” is considered one of the highest accolades Invisalign can bestow on a dental practice that meets stringent standards.

You can also check out the experience and training of the dental team; this information is usually on their website, but if you want to know more, a manager should be able to provide further information.

Location, time and money

Of course, you may also wish to consider the fundamental aspects of where the practice is and whether it is convenient for you to travel from your workplace, home or somewhere else that’s important to you. Remember to check out whether the clinic offers parking if you intend to travel by car or if it is close to public transport links; this could save you time on the day of your appointment! You may also want a dental clinic that offers extended opening hours to accommodate you if you work shifts or a typical 9 to 5. You may also wish to find out about their private fees and whether they offer NHS.

Go forth!

Once you have spent a little time researching the things that are important to you and your specific needs, you should hopefully be able to narrow the search to your dream dental practice. Good luck and happy hunting!

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