Are Dental Implants Worth The Money?

Well that’s a big question – there’s no one easy answer for this but let’s talk through the ticks and crosses of dental implants Navan and why for some people they can be an excellent solution to their tooth loss.

What Are Dental Implants Navan?

Dental Implants are a long-term solution to tooth loss, they can be used to replace either a series or singular tooth. They are made usually from titanium as this is a material naturally found within the body and so is usually taken to it well. Dental Implants work just as you can imagine a normal screw and bolt working. The screw is implanted into the jawbone and then left to heal, then later the ‘bolt’ which is called the crown is screwed into place. What’s created is a fixed tooth replacement that functions as a natural tooth would and has been made to look like natural teeth look.

Bone Density

When looking at dental implants as an option one of the most important things to consider is bone density. What is bone density? Well, it’s how strong our bones are and if the jawbone isn’t strong enough it could be the reason you’ve lost a tooth to begin with. The jawbone must be super strong for the implant to take and so in some cases a bone transplant might need to happen before the surgery can take place.

This brings me on to my first positive and negative…

Let’s start with the negative – bone graft surgery no matter how big or small is invasive and so if you’re someone who’s entering the winters of life undergoing all this could be a little much. Now, it’s not for me to tell you what you can and can’t do but serious discussions with your dentist should take place before you undergo any prep for this surgery.

The positive – one of the most amazing things about dental implants is that they are the only method of tooth replacement that stimulates bone development. Which as I’ve discussed already is important. If you have lost bone, then you need a system that’s going to bring it back and dental implants can help this happen – pretty magical really.

Cosmetic and Function

The Negative – the only real thing i can think of is that this process takes time, it’s not a quick fix. There are other options that can be made or fitted much quicker and so if you want a solution soon then maybe implants aren’t right for you. The implants need time to heal between each stage so it could be months before you reach your final goal – personally I think it’s worth the wait.

The positive – you get your teeth back. Dental implants are made and fitted to look and feel like your teeth, you won’t have any daily tooth loss reminders by taking teeth in or out, or having weird feeling teeth, they just become new teeth. New teeth you need to look after just like normal teeth.