If you are like almost everyone, you have at least one weekend that you regret living through the first time and certainly never want to relive. Although people say it is only a matter of being in the wrong place at the right time, you may want to believe that losing a full weekend to a problem situation is much worse than simple synchronicity! Here are two things you don’t want to do on a weekend that finds you at the wrong place at the right time.

Bar Fight

Having a leisurely dinner with a date at your favorite bar may not sound like much fun, but when the music is live, the foot is great, and the beer is nearly free, it can add up to a good time. However, when some ruffians have too much to drink and start a fight, and some of the bodies get thrown into your table, and you just have to push a few people off your date, you may find yourself getting arrested and calling a criminal law firm in Columbia MD for help.

Hiking Trail

You love pushing yourself to the limit, trekking into the unknown, and climbing steep hills, so when your friends suggest hiking a nearby trail one afternoon, of course, you instantly agree to the challenge. The weather is beautiful, the hike is relaxing, and as you near the top, you are in awe of the amazing scenery surrounding you. That must be why you don’t see the rock you trip over that sprains your ankle. To make matters worse, your cell phone doesn’t have a network connection that high up.

Yes, you may not want to relive these weekends, but you probably learned something from the time you spent living through them. Aren’t you glad those days are over and done!

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