Tasting The Waters – Best Surf Spots One – Must Visit In The UK

My gosh, if you are thinking of riding the waves then there is no better time than now! It’s bright and sunny outside and it is high time to get out there with your surf boards and hit those beaches. If you are a seasoned surfer looking for new surf spots or completely new to surfing and don’t know which beaches to hit, our guide will help you in finding the right spots.

Below we have enlisted some beaches that you can surf on based on their difficulty levels:

Biggest waves in UK

Level – Easy

If you are a beginner and learning to ride the waves, you can choose from the following spots.

  •      Saltburn, Cleaveland, North-East England

This beach is perhaps the most attractive surf spot located in the north-east of Saltburn and is a must visit spot for any beginner. The locals here are as friendly as the waves. The business owners at Saltburn beach provide everything from advice, safety lessons to surf boards. The local shops even offer surf boards on hire on an hourly basis and if you are tired after hitting those waves there are cool cafes and bars that you can hit later on to quench your thirst and fill your belly.

  •      Watergate Bay, Cornwall

This famous spot located between Newquay and Padstow, is a haven for newbies to surf and roam around. It is a two mile beach set in a valley which sets it apart from other locations. If you are looking for great lessons at Watergate the local surfing academies will teach you in the best way possible. The Watergate bay also attracts large audiences throughout the year as it also doubles as the hosting venue for some local and national surfing competitions along with various other beach sports.

  •      Pease Bay, Borders, Scotland

The peaceful and relaxing remoteness of this beach will sway you off your feet. This beautiful beach is the ideal destination for beginners. The busiest hub of the Scottish surf scene also draws in a record number of surfers. The Pease Bay attracts a lot of tourists and surfers from the whole country as the beach offers an amazing panoramic seascape. The coastline is very friendly for new surfers as there are always interesting activities happening around along with a lot of famous attractions nearby that are worth visiting.

Level – Medium

If you are not a beginner and know how to ride the waves, you can choose from the following spots.

  •      Sennen Cove, Cornwall

The Sennen Cove of Cornwall has been awarded by the European Union for having the best quality of water all round the year. This beach is truly a paradise for surfers as the water is blue as sapphire and the sand white as flour. The beach boasts some bumpy waves that are guaranteed to produce great barrels at mid tide. These waves are perfect for an intermediate level surfer. The Sennen Cove was also famous for having a four legged buddy as lifeguard. Bilbo, a Newfoundland dog always used to accompany his owner while carrying out duties as a lifeguard. Many people visit this place just to shake his paw and watch him carry out his duties. Bilbo passed away in May, 2015.

  •      Hells Mouth, Gwynedd, Wales

Hells Mouth is a beach with a four mile long coast stretch and is also known as the capital of surf in Wales. This beach is usually crowded in the summer as surfers from all around the country visit to ride the waves. As there are very few lifeguards on this beach, it is not suitable for rookie surfers. You can also explore the nearest town of Abersoch, where you will get everything from food, accommodation and some attractive souvenirs.

Level – Hard

If you are a professional surfer and know your way around the waves you can choose from one of the following spots.

  •   Thurso, East Scotland

If you are an intermediate surfer then you should probably stay away from this beach as the waves here are wilder to tame. Thurso is famous for owning some of the toughest waves in UK or even all of Europe if compared otherwise.

As Thurso is home to unexpected waves, it is often crowded with professional surfers, so you will always have to wait for your turn. Thusro also holds a world record for being the coldest place to hold surfing competitions.

  •      Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire

The Freshwater West has been the cause of happiness and euphoria for many surfers, but bear in mind that these waves are not for amateurs. The beach has such a wide coastline that many surfers can ride the waves without getting in each other’s way. The sand here is very frail which is why barbecuing or camping is not allowed on this beach. You might also be happy to know that Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood and parts of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows were shot here.

So, there you have it, some of the best surfing spots in the UK for you to choose from to enjoy the waves this summer. Now wetsuit up, pack your sunscreen, pick up that surfboard and conquer those waves. It doesn’t matter if you are into surfing or not, you can plan a sunset date, a picnic with your family or even make a corporate day out of it.