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Brightening Up Faces on Harley Street

A Pillar of the Dental and Medical Community

For the past 200 years, Harley Street in London has been renowned for providing bespoke medical and dental care of the highest possible standards of discretion, excellence and care. Initially emerging as the place to go in the centre of the city for the highest possible degree of care and professionalism around 1816. During this period early residents were attracted to the area’s large scale Victorian townhouses which afforded them the ability to house both their practices and lodgings within the same building. The proximity of the area to many of the city’s most important railway stations such as Paddington and King’s Cross was another aspect which attracted many of the early residents to Harley Street. Since its conception as London’s epicentre for medical and dental work, Harley Street has provided care for kings, celebrities and local residents alike, and for patients seeking out a cosmetic dentist on Harley Street, they can be assured they will receive the highest standard of care and professionalism.

Cosmetic Dentistry Through The Ages

For as far back as 200 BC, efforts have been made to cosmetically boost the brightness and cleanliness of a patient’s teeth – through all manner of methods and techniques. As one may expect, a large degree of these were unsuccessful and rudimentary by today’s standards – but helped pave the way for the age of technological prowess and success that we are now living in. Throughout the ages, clean teeth and white smiles have been indicative of success and prosperity, and a great deal of effort achieved exactly that. Around 1770, the first porcelain dentures were constructed, but it wasn’t until some ten years later that they began to be used throughout dental practices within the UK and US. It was around this time that dentists began to make moulds of the insides of a patient’s teeth to achieve better fitting dentures – similar to the methods still utilised today. In the 1900s, dentists first paired hydrogen peroxide with a lightening agent as a method of teeth whitening – which is a large part of cosmetic dentistry across the world today.

The Technological Era

Cosmetic dentistry Harley Street

Contemporary dental cosmetics, such as the ones available at Harley Street make use of some of the most cutting-edge science and innovation within dentistry, and thanks to the wonders of the modern technological age in which we live, the results have never been so successful as they are now. Today there are numerous procedures that tackle a range of cosmetic issues concerned with teeth, such as discolouration, misalignment, chipped or broken teeth, or overlapping teeth. These treatments include, but are not limited to a number of procedures: dental implants, gum lifts, white fillings, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, smile makeovers, full-mouth rehabilitation, and Icon White Spot Treatment. Treatments of this nature can be massively effective in tackling superficial issues with teeth, and can result in the restoration of  a patient’s self-esteem and confidence – which can often be damaged by having stained, damaged or unsightly teeth. Procedures of this nature afford patients the ability to smile without fear or embarrassment of exposing teeth which are damaged and can leave them feeling a renewed sense of confidence.