Choosing the Best Senior Living Solution

Choosing the Best Senior Living Solution

With many different types of care and living options available for seniors, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your loved one. Here is an explanation of the different options available for seniors and what level of care they offer.

Adult Foster Care

One option for adult care services Massachusetts is adult foster care. Unlike nursing homes or assisted living facilities, adult foster care takes places in a home environment with constant care and accompaniment by a qualified caregiver. Often, there are a total of six or fewer residents living in a single home.

Private Caregiving

Seniors who wish to remain in their home can opt for private or in-home caregiving. This solution allows adults to age in place while a caregiver offers either part-time or full-time care.

Nursing Home

Also referred to as skilled nursing facilities, a nursing home offers 24/7 medical care and assistance. This may be a necessary or preferred option for individuals who require extensive care.

Assisted Living Facility

For individuals who are not in need of constant care but still need assistance with everyday activities, an assisted living facility offers a good balance of care and independence. Set up similar to an apartment complex, residents are often able to enjoy a wide variety of amenities and live in community with other seniors.

Dementia Care

Similar to nursing homes, dementia care facilities offer around the clock care. The main difference between memory care homes and other living options is that these communities are designed for seniors diagnosed with dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.

Retirement Living

Retirement homes are designed for seniors who do not have any extensive health needs and can complete everyday activities on their own. Retirement living allows the individual complete independence along with other benefits such as meals, transportation, and housekeeping. These communities also offer a wide variety of social activities for residents to participate in.