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Keeping up to date with equipment and techniques has allowed more than one dentist Richmond to provide decades of oral care to the local community. A dedicated passionate team from reception to dentist allows development of strong, long-lasting relationships with patients and communities. Over the decades thousands of patients have benefitted from the professional skills of dedicated dental teams.

Technology is all around us

It is impossible to ignore the fact that society today is reliant on technology, which has also benefitted dentistry enormously. As a progressive dentist keeping up to date with equipment and training is an ongoing process, to be able to provide the best treatment available to patients. From the booking system to the music patients can select while in treatment, technology is at the forefront in dental surgeries.

Treatment priorities

Comfortable, modern waiting rooms create a relaxed environment that produces a stress free and less anxious patient. Preventive dentistry is a main priority and educating patients in the correct and effective methods of keeping teeth clean and healthy is how we promote this aim. Encouraging parents to bring their children in from as young as one year old with them when they have an appointment is beneficial to their children. Visiting a surgery and seeing their parents being treated leaves a lasting impression that the dental surgery is not a place to feel afraid. It is also important for the dentist to be able to examine the mouth of a young child and identify any problems that may be developing. New patients are normally welcome at most surgeries and even if the patient is more concerned about their dental aesthetics, a responsible dentist will always put practical considerations first. The health of a patient’s teeth and gums are a dentist’s priority.

Correct treatment for a particular condition

Correct treatment for a particular condition

These days the quality of the X-rays and 3D scans, which can produce amazingly clear images of the interior of a patient’s mouth, has made identifying problems much easier for the dentist. Some cosmetic treatments even allow the dentist to show the patient an image of how they will look after the procedure, before the treatment has even begun. Great strides have also been made in techniques, with the emphasis on pain reduction and reducing the amount of blood. Identifying the problem is the initial challenge, finding the cause is more challenging, but again the latest technology is a wonderful aid to the dentist in this process.

Patient satisfaction is the perfect reward

A dentist is driven by passion and the desire to help a patient and there is no greater reward than when a patient confirms that they are satisfied and happy with the work done. Reward is the result of doing something well and the better things are done the greater the reward. In today’s advanced world where technology has been so useful there is no need for anyone to suffer with lost teeth. There is also no need to endure the problems associated with crooked or gapped teeth. The solutions are available, all it takes is using technology to make one telephone call and technology in the dentist’s hands will rectify the problem.

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