Conquering Tooth Loss With Oral Implants

Conquering Tooth Loss With Oral Implants

When a tooth is lost accidentally, the sudden alteration to the smile can be painful and whilst the smile will remain, the impact of the tooth loss can be long-lasting in both a physical and emotional sense. Losing a tooth as an adult is not uncommon and whilst some tooth loss is a result of poor oral hygiene, accidental tooth is a frequent occurrence particularly for those involved in some of the more competitive sporting activities.

When a single tooth or multiple teeth are lost, it is highly recommended that an emergency trip to the dental practice is put in place to assess the damage and to create a plan going forward to restore the smile. It is then that patients begin to discover tooth replacement options such as bridges, crowns and Sheen dental implants Richmond.

How does the implant process work?

When looking to have a dental treatment or procedure, the first step is to have a consultation. During this time a discussion about options will be made as well as a physical and digital examination of the teeth, mouth and gums. This helps the dental team discover which tooth replacement solutions will suit the patient best. Oral implants require a certain depth of bone in order to be effectively put in place and therefore during this appointment this will be examined and discussed as a transplant may have to occur before the implant can be situated.

For those with sufficient jaw bone depth, the process is simple. Within just one appointment the small, titanium post can be inserted into the jaw bone and then left to heal for several weeks. Once fully healed the permanent tooth replacement such as a crown, can be fitted to the artificial root and once again restoring the seamless smile.

A sturdy and hard-wearing tooth replacement option. 

Is tartar easy to remove

Dental implants are created primarily from titanium ensuring that it is capable to withstand the rigours of daily life without compromise. When cared for correctly and efficiently, the replacement tooth can last a lifetime. No sacrifices to the types of food consumed and no special cleaning process, just the daily brush and floss required. 

A natural smile restored.

Whilst tooth loss can be devastating, once the implants are in place it can feel as though the original tooth was never lost. These small screws provide a sense of security as once healed they are as strong and sustainable as the natural tooth. This restoration not only can lift your spirits and boost your overall confidence but also puts in place preventative methods for further tooth loss as the gaps are filled ensuring that the surrounding teeth remain in place rather than shifting into the spacious area. On top of this, by having an implant situated within the jaw bone, it helps to regenerate and protect the jaw. This in turn protects the overall facial definition as once tooth loss occurs and is left unattended to, the bone can in time begin to recede causing further tooth loss and alterations to the facial definition.

Contacting your dental practice and restoring your smile has never been more essential, get in touch as quickly as possible to keep the smile happy and healthy.