Deadpool 2 – Lessons One Must Learn From The Movie

If you ask us to name one superhero movie that we were all fired up and ready to watch, then it’d certainly be Deadpool 2 – needless to say, we were not disappointed either.

Well, we aren’t saying this just because Ryan Reynolds is a fabulous and hilarious actor, but also because the personality of Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool is one in a million and at the same time poles apart from the rest of the Marvel and DC Universe’s heroes.

Yes, he is in no way a role model, but you cannot really stop yourself from liking him – don’t believe us? Go try it for yourself!

Now, we all might perhaps be of the same mind that Deadpool’s ethics are slightly borderline inane… or maybe fanatical (depends on how you perceive it), which is why we may assume that he isn’t someone we could learn lessons from, though he does the right stuff albeit in the wrong manner.

Nonetheless, similar to other Marvel movies, there are certain priceless lessons that one can learn from our much loved “merc with a mouth”. So, let’s get started…

Be Carefree

The essential persona of Deadpool in the entire movie is that he doesn’t take his life seriously at all. Perhaps, he’s the most happy-go-lucky hero in the entire MC Universe! Well, do not commit the mistake of weighing your life against his, because if you do you’ll end up feeling ‘sorry’ for yourself!

Most of the people that we stumble upon (this includes us as well!) are really serious when it comes to their lives and always walk through it with a frown on the forehead.

Although we understand that Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool is just another movie character and someone who’ll forever be immortal, which is why not giving a damn about life is like a piece of cake for him… but still!

All of us can wish to be, if not completely, at least a little bit like him and take life as it comes instead of pondering about it the entire time. So, relax a bit and gulp in a drink or two!

Rules Are Not Universal

Who likes rules; we certainly don’t! But aren’t they like required to maintain some decorum? Well, that does not necessarily mean you can’t bend or rather break some of them if the circumstance asks you to do so.

Like, take a look at Deadpool; he breaks one of the main rules in both the movies. He breaks the 4th wall and communicates with his spectators, even though he’s aware about the very fact that he’s in the movie. Cool, isn’t it?

It just doesn’t stop there. In fact, he keeps on breaking rules time and again, and takes the fact that ends validate the means as gospel.  Deadpool being an ‘anti-hero’ superhero, that is kind of expected out of him.

Of course, you must not entirely follow what he does, but do take lessons from the truth that there’s no need of being shut in your borderlines all the time. Do push them a bit!

It’s All Possible With A Team

Apart from showcasing Deadpool as an unbeatable protagonist, he is also portrayed as a susceptible character. Though he is an immortal, he has many a times been overpowered by the antagonists.

In the film, he brings together a group of mutants named the ‘X-Force’ in order to stand in the way of a time travelling cybernetic man and stop him from taking the life of a mutant kid.

As it is said, only when different cogwheels go hand in hand will the machine be able to function. Similarly, only because of the team’s hard work and effort were they able to see through their mission.

So, always trust your team, enhance their morale and take up the cudgels for one another. And when it comes to your life, be around good people and see the mission of your life seem like a puff of air!

If you haven’t yet watched Deadpool 2, then you must watch it ASAP! Besides, if you’re a huge fan of the Marvel Universe, then get ready to laugh your butt off, because a lot of DC movie roasting is on the way! But, if you’re a hardcore follower of the DC movies then…. uhm, no offence please!

Seriously though, jokes aside – go watch the movie and take a leaf from the book of our much loved anti-hero.