Dental Implants: Are They Worth It?

If you’re looking at dental implants Richmond, then one of the questions in your mind might well be are they worth it? If you’ve done your research, you’ll see that dental implants Richmond come with (a) a price tag, and (b), some discomfort; and with these two things hanging over you, you might well think maybe they aren’t actually worth it, and sure, for some people they might not be. But today, we’re going to look at why they’re actually an investment worth making and one which really could change your life.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a two part fitting that is surgically placed into the patient’s jaw bone. The majority of them are made from titanium and are capable (if looked after well) of lasting the patient their entire lifetime.  Unlike other types of tooth replacement, these are permanently fixed into position which means they’re great for those who really want to get their lifestyle back, but more on that later.

The Surgery

One of the big components people need to consider when thinking about dental implants is whether or not they’re up for the surgery that’s involved in them. They aren’t a simple system by any stretch and, for some patients, the fitting of the anchor will involve not just the placement but also a bone graft.

Lots of people lose their teeth because the bone in their jaw has lost dentistry. This happens for all sorts of reasons, but the result is really damaging to the strength of the tooth root. Unfortunately, in order for implants to hold successfully, bone needs to be implanted to the area to make it strong enough to hold the implant in place; this is called the bone graft. And it’s only after this has been completed and healed that the implants can then be finished off.

The Benefits

So, with all that being said, are they worth it? Simply put, yes.

Dental implants are great because they allow people to get their lives back. Since they are permanently fixed, you’ll find that you very quickly forget they’re actually false teeth at all and won’t be stuck with the daily reminder of false teeth.

They’re practical too. As they’re fixed in you treat them just like natural teeth; you can eat and brush normally, and don’t need to worry about slipping or falling out or misplacement.

They actually stimulate the bone too. One of the most amazing things about dental implants is that once they’re in place, they begin to stimulate the bone again and this sparks bone regeneration. This is so important as it’s what will stop the teeth on either side of the lost tooth from falling out too. It’s very common once a patient loses one tooth to then lose another and another as the bone in the area just isn’t being stimulated.

The Money

You’re probably looking at the price tag and thinking, crikey. But when you break down the duration that they last, you’ll see you’re actually making an investment – not only in your teeth, but in your long term mental health, and with most dentists offering 0% finance plans you’ll be able to spread the cost and make them more accessible.