Dental Implants Brentwood Culmination Of Centuries Of Development

Conquering Tooth Loss With Oral Implants

The ancient Egyptians tried a variety of materials to replace lost teeth. It was only in the nineteen fifties that a meaningful solution was discovered. Dental implants Brentford today are the result of all those years of trial and error and research.

More than just cosmetic

Any tooth that is lost should be considered serious because our teeth are the way in which we break down our food so that we can digest food properly. Of course losing a tooth, especially a front tooth, is aesthetically devastating but the practical implications are far more serious.

Stability the key

For many years dentures and bridges were the solution of choice when a tooth or teeth were lost as a result of an accident or tooth decay. Achieving a stable solution has always been the main stumbling block until now. Dental implants Brentford have now become the treatment of choice to replace lost teeth.

Number of dental implants increasing

It is widely accepted that in excess of three million dental implants Brentford are done every year around the world. This enhances the techniques and knowledge gained to ensure further development. Due to the regularity of this form of tooth replacement, advancements are occurring more regularly and more quickly ensuring that patients receive the best dental care available.

Some of the latest dental implant developments

The use of digital technology has been a massive boost, enabling dental surgeons to place the dental implant in the precise location of the missing tooth. The Titanium posts used to implant into the jawbone have been improved and are more stable than the earlier versions. Because dental implants mimic our natural teeth so accurately they experience a similar amount of erosion. The latest anti bacterial treatments have shown to help to reduce the amount of erosion leading to increased longevity of the dental implant.

Replacing one tooth or many teeth

Dental implant technology now allows for one tooth to be replaced with a single dental implant. It is also possible to replace four teeth in a row utilising one single implant which will support the four teeth firmly and stably. If an entire mouthful of teeth require replacing this can be achieved by using just four dental implants.

Creating a matching crown

Creating a matching crown

Once the titanium post has been inserted into the jawbone there is a healing period. Once this period has expired fitting the abutment and the new crown can take place. The latest technology coupled with the skill and techniques employed allow for the creation of a crown which will match in colour and shape the surrounding teeth. This makes the dental implant inconspicuous as it blends in with the patient’s natural teeth.

Maintaining dental implants

The same care and attention that is applied to our natural teeth needs to be applied to the dental implants. It is recommended that a soft bristle toothbrush and non abrasive toothpaste is used. Flossing and the use of tepe brushes should also be used to remove any food debris between the teeth and dental implants. This care and attention will ensure the longevity of the natural teeth and the dental implants.