Dentist Meath Has A Novel Approach To Relieving Your Dental Anxiety

Considering Orthodontic Treatment

Many people around the world view a visit to the dentist with trepidation for a variety of reasons. If you live in the county of Meath you are fortunate to have a dental practice that was first established in nineteen ninety seven which has a history of being patient focused. The dental service they provide is known as far as Counties Donegal, Antrim and Kerry. They are also conveniently located only thirty five minutes drive from the centre of Dublin which is also attractive for patients from there. Over the past decades dentistry has evolved to be about patient care which involves designing their treatment around them specifically and with their involvement. Being genuinely attentive to the concerns and suggestions of patients has helped this dentist Meath to successfully create a positive patient experience. To help patients deal with the anguish that they feel when they have to visit the dental surgery they have incorporated a number of visual improvements to compliment the empathy that the warm and friendly staff are trained to display. True empathy requires the staff to be aware of the obvious signs of stress that are displayed. They are also able to engage with the patient and show support and compassion.


Encouraging patients who may be reluctant to embrace their oral hygiene care, this team have eliminated a number of reasons to avoid visiting the dental practice. They are located in the centre of town with ample convenient parking including wheelchair users access and a lift. Once inside the dental surgery, wifi is freely available and the environment is designed to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Their dental chairs have a massaging function to help you relax and once tilted you will see a television screen attached to the ceiling. While they treat their patients, the patients can watch their favourite television programs or play their favourite video games. At the end of the treatment it is possible to utilise your medical or if you are PRSI entitled to utilise this facility to settle your bill. All of these features which they have incorporated have helped many reluctant patients to adopt a healthy oral hygiene program including their twice yearly dental surgery visits.

Combining general and cosmetic dentistry with aesthetic treatments

Our highly experienced dental team offers a full range of oral care treatments to patients of all ages. Their expertise ensures that your treatments from teeth whitening to root canal or dental implants procedures are performed with skill and precision. If you are unhappy or embarrassed with your smile because you suffer from dental misalignment, you can take confidence from the fact that they have helped many patients to smile broadly and confidently. Their team strives to provide the best oral treatments with the finest cosmetic results. In addition because of their training in anatomy they are perfectly placed to also provide facial aesthetic treatments. Their resident practitioner ensures that your non-surgical, anti-wrinkle and filler treatments are delivered safely in their surgery. They aspire to achieve patient satisfaction by ensuring a positive experience.