Dermal Fillers Kent, Twenty-First Century Treatment

For decades the only way to have aesthetic treatment to a patient’s face was by having a “nip and tuck” or other surgical procedure. Modern science and the latest technology have allowed us to explore other non or minimally invasive procedures. We are all different and some may not be willing to be subjected to a procedure involving a scalpel. Dermal fillers Kent is one of those alternative procedures that has been developed which does not involve a surgeon’s scalpel.

The natural progression of ageing

Age is a factor of life, and we all grow older but modern science has developed techniques and products that limit those signs of ageing. Aesthetic technology has expanded enormously over recent decades and with-it greater knowledge of skin physiology and immunology. This has helped to encourage ways of improving skin laxity resulting in young- and healthy-looking skin thereby slowing the signs of looking old.

Safe procedure delivery

The human body’s largest organ is the skin and our proper maintenance of this organ is essential to our living a long healthy life. Dermal fillers Kent applies the same care and attention to patients seeking non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures as those seeking dental treatment at the surgery. Because dentists are trained in facial aesthetics and they operate in a  sterile controlled environment they provide knowledge, expertise and safety. Because we are all different, we react differently to chemicals and applications. Having a suitably qualified practitioner who has studied for five years performing a procedure on your largest and most visible organ will provide peace of mind.

Dermal fillers an artform

Discussing expectations with a patient before any procedure is important and even more so when the procedure is being performed on the face. Delivering the results that a patient desires is of paramount importance. Guiding a patient to start off with a more sympathetic approach that is more suited to the shape of their face can sometimes avoid disappointment later. Dentists are used to encouraging patients to ask as many questions as possible to help them make the correct decision when deciding on a treatment. Applying fillers to any part of the face requires not only the knowledge of how to perform the procedure but a vision of how the result will appear. Excessive use of filler in lips and cheeks can produce an unnatural looking result.

How long will the effects last 

Dermal fillers are not permanent and will last from six to twelve months depending on the skin type, age and the area being treated. Some areas that have been treated will last for as long as eighteen months. For effective results treatments can be carried out every three months depending on the area requiring the treatment.

Will I experience any pain

Dermal fillers are administered using very thin needles, through a cannula or both. Swelling, some discomfort and tenderness are common. If required a numbing cream can be applied before the commencement of the treatment, to reduce the amount of discomfort.

After treatment 

Patients are advised to avoid exposing themselves to extreme heat such as sunbathing or steam treatments. Facial treatments or massaging of the treated area should be avoided; don’t consume any alcohol for at least the first twenty-four hours.