DIY Boat Repairs for Safety and Economy

DIY Boat Repairs for Safety and Economy

Boating offers a great feeling of freedom as you slice through the water with the wind in your hair. It is no wonder boats appeal to adventurers. Along with all the good things marine craft bring, though, also comes responsibility. You must keep your vessel in good condition. Inspect your craft regularly, but if you find problems, take heart. There are a number of boat repairs you can do yourself.

Scratches, Air Bubbles, and Dings

If you find bubbles, dings, or scratches the size of a dime or smaller on your craft, you can fix them. Use a sharp utility knife or razor blade to smooth the edges around the area then wipe it with acetone.

  • Fill the spot with catalyzed gel coat, using a little extra in case it shrinks.
  • Let it cure.
  • Sand and finish by polishing.

Any slightly larger areas not likely to cause leaks can be repaired with automobile body filler first then sprayed with catalyzed gel coat.


Whether a waste tank or valves and plates, hardware on your craft should be in top shape. Rust and corrosion can affect the functioning of vital hardware on your craft. Furthermore, rusty items can give your vessel a general neglected appearance. If you have corroded hardware, attwood replacement parts are a reliable choice for your vessel.


Once the boating season is over, take care of your craft’s motor.

  • Check hoses and wires. Fix any problems.
  • Run water through the engine to flush debris. Let the engine drain properly afterwards.
  • Use a flushing kit to clean the cooling system. When finished, add fresh antifreeze.
  • Add fuel stabilizer to your tank and spray the carburetor and spark plugs with fogging oil.
  • Change the oil.

Properly winterize your boat’s motor is an investment in its longevity.

Making some boat repairs yourself is a great way to save money. Maintaining your craft is about more than appearance. It keeps you, your guests, and other boaters safe on the water and free to experience the joys of boating.