The new generation of automatic sliding door openers is prepared for heavy traffic, both in large buildings such as supermarkets, hotels, airports or hospitals and in small and medium-sized spaces (offices, pharmacies, post offices, banks, restaurants, etc.).


ERREKA is a company that manufactures and installs automatic door systems as well as shop windows and entrance screens. It is made up of a group of workers who are members of the Association of Automatic Door Suppliers (ADSA). In addition, the company’s engineers are BS7036 EN16005 qualified and CSCS registered to all UK and European standards. These certifications guarantee the best quality, safety and long-lasting performance.

ERREKA offers a unique supply service on automatic door products, including full installation training at our Bristol factory. A contact number is available for product and installation enquiries (01275 871787).

New sliding door systems specifications

The most important features of our sliding door systems are their quiet opening and closing movement and dynamic stability with quick and easy installation. These are not always present in other sliding doors. In this article we will take a closer look at these features and explain others.

The new sliding door systems are designed to suit the specific needs and requirements of each customer and each surface.  They fit easily into most building requirements, including small and medium-sized facilities, such as shops and restaurants, and large facilities, such as airports and supermarkets.

They also stand out because they feature sleek, modern designs that blend seamlessly into their surroundings. The finishes available for the frame and glass panels are diverse and allow for multiple combinations to suit the style of your building.

Moreover, they help to save space and operate quietly. In fact, the door systems are designed to allow heavy traffic flow without interruption. ERREKA automatic sliding doors are the best choice for your application, guaranteeing superior performance and longer life than the competition thanks to superior design, manufacturing and installation services.

In short, automatic sliding door operators are designed for maximum reliability and operability.

Automatic sliding door dimensions

The dimensions of the automatic sliding door depend on the space you want to cover with it, as well as the number of panels. However, there is a common standard size that people choose, which has two panels that can also include two fixed panels, one on each side.

However, help is available to set dimensions that go beyond the typical width and height configurations and will in fact suit most spaces.

Personalised advice

Training on these products is offered through ERREKA for customers who are suppliers. These training courses are held at our Bristol factory, where many of the products are available for live demonstrations. These are free workshops to ensure correct installation, wiring and application requirements.

ERREKA’s technical support team is available to assist you with any help and advice you may require during installations. If you would like further information or assistance on any of the products on this site, or to arrange training, please contact our office without obligation, as the technical team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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