Five Places To Scuba Dive That You Have Never Heard Of

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If you’re a keen scuba diver you’ve probably already been to all the usual places. If you’re planning a vacation and want to indulge your favorite hobby but want to get off the beaten track, it’s likely that you’re searching for some secret scuba diving spots which you’ve never tried before. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve brought you five scuba diving sites which you’ll never have heard of but which all offer a truly amazing experience.

Indonesia – A Bit Far Rock

Indonesia is pretty isolated as it is, but the Forgotten Islands are even more isolated, as you might have guessed from their name! However if you’re travelling in April, May, September of October, you can take a liveaboard vessel and explore this remote corner of the world. One secret drop off spot here is Dawera Island or A Bit Far Rock. Only local fishermen really know about this site, with its lush corals, neon fusiliers and pyramid butterflyfish, not to mention the reef sharks that hide here. Only around 100 people in the world have ever tried diving here, and you could be one of them.

The Solomon Islands, Mavis Seaplane

The Solomon Islands are home to some of the most obscure reefs in the world, but one truly spectacular site has to be the collection of World War II wrecks. The star of this site has to be the thirteen Japanese Kawanishi Mavis seaplanes which are found in the Nggela island group. You can only access this remote spot via a liveaboard but it’s well worth the experience to get up close to the almost completely intact seaplanes with their controls, tail fins and instruments still in place.

St Lucia, DainiKoyomaru

If you’ve visited St Lucia, you’ve probably already been scuba diving off the shores of this beautiful Caribbean island, however you probably won’t have been to the DainiKoyomaru wreck. It’s impossible to find without GPS coordinates or without taking a ride from one of the local diving centers. Having been sunk back in 1996 it acts as an artificial reef sitting 108 feet deep and it is now home to lobsters, turtles and angelfish.

Vancouver, Separation Head

If you’re heading to Canada on your diving trip, it’s well worth heading to British Columbia to discover Separation Head. This site sits in Discovery Passage – the narrow water body which acts as the primary shipping route between Alaska and Washington. Although Separation Head is kept away from shipping traffic, it has plenty of tidal influence and this has led to huge sponges and large soft corals being found here.

Mexico, Dreamgate Cenote

Mexico offers some of the world’s most stunning diving opportunities, and if you’re heading south of the border this year on your diving vacation, it’s definitely worth heading to the Riviera Maya where you can find this lesser known spot. The Dreamgate Cenote is just outside Tulum and you’ll need someone with plenty of local knowledge to point you in the right direction. It isn’t easy to get to – you’ll need a 4 x 4 to take the 20 minute trip on the track through the dense jungle. Even then, it isn’t easy. You’ll need to climb up a ladder to access the entry point, pulling your tanks up with a rope. However once you actually get into the cenote you’ll be amazed. This cenote gives you the feeling of being in a cave with stalagmites and stalactites alongside columns and brown and yellow walls. The decorations are amazing, making this one of the most spectacular spots for experienced divers in Mexico.

As always, when you’re traveling overseas on your diving vacation, make sure to take everything you need with you. It isn’t always possible to hire or buy essential items when you get out there, especially if you’re heading to one of the more remote spots. There’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have a must-have device when you arrive at your diving site and then struggling to get hold of it.

Are you inspired to discover the world’s most obscure diving spots? These five should be your top choices for your next vacation.