Conquering Tooth Loss With Oral Implants

Enjoy A Healthy, Happy Smile With Dental Implants Leicester

Are you looking to find a durable, lasting solution to replace a missing tooth? Do you have a gap in your smile that you would like to fix? Consider dental implants Leicester for a natural looking solution with lasting benefits.

In addition to dentures and bridges, patients can now consider dental implants thanks to incredible advances in modern dentistry and advances in dental technology.

Dental Implants are clinically proven to be safe

For those patients who are new to the concept of implants, it may give you peace of mind to know that they are not only clinically safe but highly durable as well. They offer a host of additional benefits and can effectively replace loose or missing teeth.

Did you know dental implants look almost identical to your natural teeth and can be colour matched to provide a natural looking result? They function in the same way and enable patients to have the freedom to eat and drink without any hesitation or fear about the implant becoming loose.

What takes place during the implant surgery procedure?

For some patients who have experienced a missing tooth, their jawbone and the surrounding tissue that is located near the bone starts to disappear over time. A dental implant is able to assist by stimulating the remaining bone and enabling it to grow around the implant metal.

During the implant process, the first step focuses on placing small metal screws into your jaw where the missing tooth was located. Once this position has been located and the step is complete a crown or a bridge or in some cases dentures can be fitted onto the dental implants. This action helps to promote stability and offers a truly natural looking solution for patients who are experiencing gaps in their smile thanks to missing teeth.

What kinds of benefits are involved when it comes to having dental implants fitted?

One of the main advantages of having dental implants is that the final result appears natural and subtle. Patients can look forward to smiling with confidence and having the freedom to enjoy all kinds of food without any restrictions. As the implants function in the same way to your natural teeth you are able to bite, chew and swallow food in a similar fashion.

Another great advantage is that implants are able to assist patients with their sense of speech and their ability to communicate clearly. As a result of missing or loose teeth your speech and pronunciation are often negatively affected. Dental implants are able to assist with correcting your pronunciation so you can feel confident engaging with family and friends.

Did you know having your smile restored with a full set of teeth may also impact your oral health levels in a positive way? Patients will become less susceptible to gum disease and infections as well as the possibility of having plaque build-up.

Do patients require major surgery to have implants fitted?

For those patients who are nervous about the procedure, fear not as the treatment involves a minor surgical procedure with local anaesthetic. The dental implants are fitted in sterile conditions with every precaution taken to ensure that the environment in the treatment room is hygienic and clinically safe.