Healthy Teeth = Healthy Diet: Understanding The Link

You are what you eat. Well, that’s what they say. More and more people in the UK are becoming aware of their health and just how much their diet truly impacts their overall health. And what’s more than this, is that we’re getting very specific. It’s not enough to just say I’m eating a balanced meal anymore. We’re all after details. Which foods feed us with energy, which help muscles to regenerate and which provide us with that all important B12. In this article we’re going to be taking a closer look at what foods we should be eating to keep on top of our dental health, and how making small choices everyday could make a real difference long term.

Oral hygiene and oral health

So, what is oral hygiene and what is oral health and how are the two linked? And more importantly where does diet come into all this?

Oral hygiene is the umbrella term for all the things that we do in order to keep our teeth, tongue, gums (and basically anything mouth related) clean. It’s brushing, flossing, scraping, it’s check ups and hygiene appointments, it’s even investing in a slightly better toothpaste.

Why is it so important? Basically, the only thing standing between us and either decay or gum disease is the way in which we take care of our teeth and this is our oral health. Within dentistry generally the rule of thumb professionals go by is that prevention is better than cure, which is why it’s so important that people are taking care of their teeth at home.

Believe it or not gum disease and decay are still two of the leading causes of tooth loss and this is largely down to people still not cleaning their teeth properly.

Back to healthy diets

When we think about our diet and the health of our teeth we already know that sugar is bad. And it would be lovely to say this is wrong, but it is certainly right. Sugars and acids are really bad for our teeth as they disrupt the PH balance and cause the top layers to decay and infection to occur.

Now, it’s pretty impossible to have a completely sugar free diet, but being more aware of just how much you’re consuming is a really good place to start. First off try and track your daily sugar intake (there are heaps of apps to aid this) you’d be amazed at how many prepackaged foods that look healthy are actually full of sugar. Then week by week do what you can to cut down. This really will make a big improvement to your dental health.

The green uptake

Fruits and veggies are our friends. They are naturally going to aid the cleaning process that happens when we chew food and those foods like celery, tomatoes and cucumber which are high in water content are going to help even more.

Anything high in protein and calcium is also good as this is going to help the enamel layer and strength of the teeth.

To find out more about diet speak with your dentist Stevenage. Your dentist will have lots of information on specific foods to avoid and enjoy. Meanwhile look here for a comprehensive guide on what to eat.