Helping The Skin Of The Face And Neck Relax With Profhilo Kent

As people age the signs that they are getting older start to show on various areas of their bodies, such as the face, neck, and hands. These areas are very exposed, and this can lead to the skin losing its ability to produce the natural acids it needs to stay looking young and healthy, leading to the skin developing unwanted features such as wrinkles and starting to feel tighter.

While there are moisturising creams, face masks, and other remedies sold at chemists and supermarkets across the United Kingdom, certainly a high number of people use these creams and remedies, but there are some people who see these remedies as a slow way to make their skin look young again. What these people want is a solution that can be applied easily and quickly that will help them regain younger-looking skin, for this they may turn to a medical-based treatment.

Profhilo Kent is an injectable cosmetic treatment that has been proven to rejuvenate the look of the skin by replacing the hyaluronic acid that may be lacking, allowing patients to have the younger-looking skin that they desire.

What is this treatment?

This treatment is one of a number of treatments that fall within a group of treatments known as facial aesthetics, these are injectable cosmetic treatments that can be administered to a patient quickly and easily, unlike traditional cosmetic surgery.

The benefit of this type of treatment is that there is very little to no downtime after a patient receives treatment, normally they can carry on with their normal daily life within forty-eight hours following treatment, as long as they follow medical advice.

Following treatment, it is important that patients avoid strong sunlight, wearing make-up, drinking alcohol and coffee. If patients follow the aftercare advice correctly, they should start to see the full effects of their treatment within a few short days.

It is important that patients recognise that the effects of these treatments are not permanent, as the effects will only be apparent for a number of months. However, they can always ask about top-up treatments for longer-lasting effects, these should only be applied following a consultation with a trained medical professional.

Receiving treatment at a dental practice

It may seem a little odd to think about a dentist providing cosmetic treatments, after all, when people think about dental professionals they normally think about the treatment of teeth and other oral aspects with treatments such as fillings and extractions. But when the training that a dentist has to undertake is taken into account it is easy to see that these people are highly trained in the practice of administering injections into different areas of the face without harming any of the muscles under the skin.

The hope is that any patient seeking to receive a facial aesthetic treatment such as Profhilo will seek the safest environment possible to receive their treatment. The dental practice is a clean and safe clinical environment that is fully staffed by trained medical professionals, making it a perfect place to receive an injectable cosmetic treatment.