Holistic Healthy Habits If You’re Teeth and Planet Conscious

When oral practices have been studied, the results showed that people across the world all share similar bathroom habits and if we all just followed these few little tips and tricks, we could collectively begin to have a more positive impact on the planet and better more consistent oral hygiene. So, what habits can you build into your lifestyle to help yourself and the planet? Let’s take a look.

What Is a Habit?

Before we dive into exactly what we should be doing, it can be super helpful to all aspects of life to understand exactly what a habit is and why they’re important to build structure and consistency into our daily lives. By definition, a habit is a usual manner, tendency of a behaviour. An example would be something like, they take a walk every day at 10am.

How To Build a Habit

When starting out on a new habit journey it’s important to have a clear understanding of the steps you need to take in order to build one. We’ve all had those moments when we’ve wanted to set new goals and then suddenly two days in we’ve already lost it – the gym springs to mind. This usually happens when we haven’t set ourselves a clear pathway of doing something. So, here’s the top tips to building a habit.

Step One – Set a goal – we’ll talk about the goals we’re setting a little later.

Step Two – make a plan – this means setting up exactly when you’re going to do each thing and giving yourself visual cues or audio reminders to do something.

Step Three – Positive mindset – you need to foster a positive mental attitude from the beginning, sometimes new habits can feel boring in the beginning but it’s about making the task something you are doing for you.

The Habits to Help You

Now we have a better understanding of habits, how they work and what they can do for you. Let’s see how we can partner this with your dentist City of London to lay the foundations for holistic change.


According to the research there are still thousands of people still choosing to brush just once a day. And though it’s been proven time and time again that better cleaning comes from two brushes, people still don’t do it and your dentist City of London agrees that, that bedtime clean is just as important as the morning as lots of bacteria have built up throughout the day. Set a reminder to brush before bed and think of your brush as part of your wind down time.


Despite what some might say our environmental footprint is really important and it’s crazy how many people are still leaving their taps running when they brush when there’s simply no need. It was reported that a quarter of the population still do this and it’s just so bad for the environment but also your bills! Make a conscious effort to always turn the taps off whenever you brush.


This one is new to me and even though I’m guilty of it, how many of us just leave the toothbrush chargers plugged in? Yep, pretty much everyone. Time to unplug and save pennies and power.