How Can Divorce Solicitors In Weybridge Help?

How Can Divorce Solicitors In Weybridge Help

Going through divorce can be an exceedingly difficult time for everyone involved, but the best way to get ahead is to seek out divorce solicitors in Weybridge. With their extensive knowledge and client-focused ways, you’ll be in your most favourable position while going through the divorce system. Going through any major changes in your life can be upsetting for yourself and your loved ones, but you don’t have to go through it alone, especially when these solicitors are ready to use forward thinking and put your interests at the centre of the case. If you’re wondering what exactly they can help with, be sure to read ahead.

Financial issues

When money is involved, it is normal to feel more overwhelmed. The dividing of income and assets will move alongside the divorce proceedings, meaning that having a solicitor by your side to guide and advise you will prevent you from getting lost in the legal jargon. When it comes to dividing the assets between the parties involved, there is no standard formula that will allow your lawyers to work it out. Everybody around you will have had differing experiences depending on their circumstances, so it is very important to have someone that you trust working at your side and giving you all your possible options. Your assets can include but are not limited to, your home, business interests, investments, pensions, trusts and incomes that stretch into the future. It is important to remember that everyone’s circumstances are different, which is why you need reliable legal representation that has experience and knowledge across all possibilities, including high net worth claims and complex business structures.

Divorce Solicitors In Weybridge


When children are involved, a divorce case that could have been otherwise straightforward, can become much more distressing. It is important that all parties know that the interests of the children should come first and have solicitors who believe the same. No matter the feelings of either party, they must be put aside when discussing the children and what will be the best outcome for them. Those experienced and specialised in family law will have a lot of knowledge surrounding the acts and laws that include children and should always be able to explain, advise and guide no matter the situation you, as the client, find yourself in. Your solicitors will be focused on maintaining or building a workable parenting relationship between both parties.


Since April 2014, it was made compulsory for both parties to attend a mediation service when a divorce includes children and a financial dispute. The mediator will work with yourself and the other party involved to discuss matters within the divorce, including child custody and financial agreements, but it is important to remember that the mediator cannot and should not offer any legal advice. This is why it is even more important to have the support of a solicitor who can offer legal advice and have you well prepared before entering mediation, and answering any questions you might have once it is over. The mediator exists to work with yourself and the other partner, but your solicitor will have only you to focus on, providing you with all your options and most favourable outcome.