How Much Can My Diet Affect The Health Of My Teeth?

Diet is a really important pillar in supporting good oral health, as your dentist Liverpool will tell you. There are of course many factors that come into play, but keeping on top of a diet that’s low in sugar can make a real difference to the maintenance of your teeth long term. Tooth decay which in turn leads to fillings and even extractions, is largely due to two reasons, build-up of plaque and an overly sugary diet. If you want to understand more about teeth, diet and how the two can impact your health then look no further, this one’s for you.

Which foods can lead to tooth decay?

Pretty much all sugars can in some way add to an issue with tooth decay later down the line. Sugars for the most part come in three types, sucrose, fructose and glucose. All of which can be a problem. That being said no one can just totally avoid all sugar. Most of us are the first to dive for a piece of birthday cake or a chocolate biscuit and wouldn’t want to miss out on either of these long term. Like all things when it comes to health it’s all about balance and putting best practices in motion to ensure that if you do have a sugary treat that you’re having a good brush afterwards.


Probably some of you are looking for specifics to help you out. Processed foods come in all different shapes and sizes, they aren’t limited to doughnuts and ready meals they can also be things we would class as healthy and some of them are healthy – if consumed with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Specifically here are some things that count as processed food which aren’t too bad for teeth such as cereals, cheese, bread, crisps, bacon and sausages. However, too much indulgence in sweetened processed foods such as biscuits, desserts and cakes can play havoc with dental health. If you’re unsure about any specific food, or your diet specially then have a chat with your dentist when you next have an appointment, they’ll be able to help you out.

Acidic food and drinks are another cause for concern and too much can greatly impact your teeth’s enamel. Enamel is really important as it protects the outer layer of your teeth and guards against oversensitivity. It also has a big influence on how bright white your teeth are. The most acidic drinks are citrus juices or flavoured water with flavourings, soft drinks like cola, soda, lemonade and wine. Food like berries and tomatoes can also contain acid. All these products in too much quantity can amount to erosion on your teeth, but keep in mind there is a big difference between eating tomatoes and drinking a can of cola. Again if you are unsure on anything best speak with your dentist to clear things up for you.


tips on oral health

Like with all things, balance is key here, everyone deserves a treat, but looking after your teeth now will aid you later in life. If you aren’t sure about how to support your teeth using best practices then look for tips on oral health to guide you forward.