You’ve probably heard a lot about clear aligners and their main manufacturer. But how much does Invisalign cost London? And could it be right for you?

Clear aligners provide the most convenient and least disrupted method of correcting their misalignments and are practically invisible, fitting close to your teeth while being entirely translucent. They have become increasingly popular among adult patients, particularly working professionals. Treatment times are rarely equivalent to braces or sometimes slightly longer but the treatment does not disrupt public speaking and would be unnoticeable in most social interactions, so it is not a significant drawback. Limitations can occur with severe misalignments that require the movement of molars; this is why assessment is so important. This brand of aligner has so many providers and many have over promised and under delivered when it comes to remote orthodontic care.

Clicks that are committed to communication and transparency of their orthodontic tools, often perform well by earning the trust of their patients allowing them to preemptively receive a full assessment of their misalignment, including three-dimensional scanning and modelling of their mouth. So together we can explore if a clear aligner would be suitable and effective before committing to any treatment.

Pre-treatment cost

Making sure that all pre-treatment costs are provided free of charge, allowing you to make an informed decision about your own care, as part of the core principles of a new wave of orthodontic practitioners are operating oversizing transparent and personal responsibility over the dogma and authority are traditional top down dental care.

The scans used to take the image of your teeth are free, as is the initial consultation. But if there is any additional work needed, such as the filling of teeth, then you will need to discuss this with your dentist.

Total cost

Price varies based on packages; not all packages are suitable for every patient so the cheapest alternative (the light package) is not suitable for all patients. But it prevents those who have relatively minor misalignment or cosmetic orthodontic issues from having to pay for the level of care that may not be necessary.

Packages also involve incisor contouring, a course of lighting gel and full access to our dental monitoring app to allow progress to be tracked and any issues to be caught early.

The Comprehensive package covers anything above 14 aligners as well as further treatments options, like refinement aligners night or daytime retainers and corrective treatment to extend both the upper and lower arch if required.

Possible further expenses

With all packages there is an option of further refinement aligners if required but there is often an additional cost which can vary. The necessity for a type of aligner will depend on how your teeth have responded to treatment and your susceptibility to reversion; a post-orthodontic complication where teeth reverse back into their original positions.

Financing your orthodontic care

To help manage and spread the care, many clinics provide an interest free payment plan sometimes over 36 months depending on your situation and credit score.

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