A good dentist helps their patients to get their oral health up to scratch and their smiles looking attractive and youthful using a range of treatment options.  They understand that having a smile that is below par can leave a person feeling insecure in many ways about how they look.

Many people dream of having a look just like their favourite celebrities, and a dentist in Fulham, can help patients achieve those all important white, bright and straight teeth that give self-esteem a dramatic boost.  Here is a guide on how this can be done, with the spotlight on Invisalign, veneers, and implants, all popular treatments with dental patients.


Having teeth that are overcrowded or crooked can cause a person to feel a distinct lack of confidence.  They may avoid smiling or develop a nervous habit of covering their mouth when talking to others.  This means that they are not able to present the best version of themselves to the world and can impact on their personal and professional success.

Invisalign is offered by dentists as a means of straightening the teeth in a very subtle manner.  It is the modern version of braces that do not have any wires or brackets and are instead made up of trays of clear plastic that are worn over the teeth.

Invisalign patients often decide that no one else needs to know they are wearing braces, and as these are invisible this is easy to achieve.  Treatment is usually completed within a short time frame, often between six to twelve months.  This means that the patient can get their smile upgraded quickly and then carry on enjoying their lives with a newfound sense of confidence.


Many patients benefit from having veneers.  This is a treatment that resolves issues such as cracked or chipped teeth and those that are unattractive due to shape or severe staining.

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded on to the teeth to give them a uniform appearance.  They can transform the smile from so-so to brilliant and are a popular choice with many in the public eye as they deliver great results instantly.  There is no waiting around for months or several appointments with the dentist, just great teeth as soon as the procedure has been completed.


Conquering Tooth Loss With Oral Implants

For those patients who have a missing tooth or who have lost several, a celebrity smile is often a distant dream that seems to be unattainable.  However, it is possible with the help of dental implants.

Dental implants are a means of substituting the original roots of the teeth and provide a secure base for artificial teeth that are a permanent fixture.  Teeth that are replaced in this way are very natural looking and can allow the patient to get the great smile they have always wanted.  As well as looking fantastic, these new teeth are completely stable and do not require any special care or restrictions when it comes to eating, talking, laughing and generally enjoying life.

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