How To Keep Your Invisalign invisible

Why is Invisalign so popular

Invisalign Plymouth has really rocketed especially in the last fifteen years or so, with our social media feeds filling with our favourite influences showing us how amazing this super cool orthodontic system is. It’s no wonder you’re opting to straighten out your smile with them too. But Invisalign like all orthodontic methods needs to be taken care of correctly if you’re to reap its benefits long – term. That being said, let’s take a look at all the things you can be doing to assist your trays in staying super shiny long-term.

Why Invisalign

Before we get stuck into the do’s and don’ts, I wanted to remind you of all the reasons you probably opted for Invisalign over another straightening method.

COMFORT – Invisalign is one of the comfiest forms of orthodontic treatments. It’s made from clear, smooth plastic trays that are designed to sit flush over your teeth, this means there’s no bumpy, sharp surfaces in your mouth for gums and teeth to scratch on. Due to the design having multiple trays, another standout feature is the way in which they straighten, there’s less pressure and so minimal discomfort when the teeth are actually moving.

CLEANLINESS – Invisalign is the only teeth straightening method that can be removed, this is amazing because it enables us to still clean deep between each tooth with floss whilst we’re undergoing the straightening process.

COSMETIC – Well it says it in the name – invisible. The aligners are made to look pretty much noticeable to the naked eye and as such are great for those looking for a subtle straightening option. This brings me nicely on to…


We all have the best intentions when we set out on a new endeavour. ‘Of course, I’ll clean them every day’. ‘Of course, I’ll take them out when I’m drinking my tea.’ But with the best will in the world sometimes we slip up and let’s be honest one slip makes two, makes three, makes four and before long we are right stuck into a bad habit.

Cleaning your aligners is just as important as wearing them. Fact. If you let plaque and tartar build up on the surface, you’re just asking for a whole host of issues including decay, gum disease, broken trays – not to mention well – it’s just kind of gross.


The aligners really don’t take much cleaning. A quick once over twice daily with a manual soft bristle toothbrush will do the trick. Use a colour free toothpaste or soap, not lots but just enough and you’ll be nice and clean in no time.

If you’re able to, it’s highly recommended that you invest in some cleaning solution, you can either go for the Invisalign cleaning crystal, retainer brite or just good old-fashioned denture cleaner – whatever is accessible to you! It’s just important you keep on top of doing it daily.


This is really very simple, foods and drinks will strain the trays and no one wants stains on their trays, why invest in a fancy system just to trash it? Keep a hard case with you so you always have somewhere to store them.