How To Know You Have Found A Good Orthodontist

Finding an orthodontist Stoke-On-Trent that you truly trust is really important. Teeth are really precious to us – that goes without saying. But seriously we only get one set and having them poked and prodded can of course feel uncomfortable and having a dental practice you feel in safe hands with goes a long way to settling those dental nerves. So how can you find the right dentist for you?

Finding a reputable orthodontist

Make sure they are an actual specialist, there are those who specialise and those that don’t. When looking into dental surgeries make sure you are checking their accreditation. There are awarding boards who have websites showing their accredited practices, such as the British Orthodontic Society and the European Orthodontic Society. Through these websites and by checking on practices’ own websites you’ll be able to see who has the correct qualifications.

Ask around

If you’ve moved to a new area, then there will be lots of locals who will be willing to share their knowledge with you. People are always the best references, they tend to be the most honest. Ask them who they see. How long have they been visiting the practice for? Have they ever had any issues? Was their orthodontist happy to refer them to the hospital if need be? Do they feel supported? Are there NHS and private options available?

If you’re local to the area and just want to move practice, talk to your friends and family, explain why you aren’t happy at the moment, and what you need and expect from your orthodontist moving forward.

Online reviews

The internet is a blessing and curse, of course it’s fantastic to have so many reviews available through search engines and it’s good to take a look through, but also be aware that not all these reviews are reputable reliable sources and so should be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s good to have a look on the NHS websites for better reviews.

Finding a reputable orthodontist

Ask your doctor

Asking your doctor about the dentist might feel silly, but doctors are professionals and will have an excellent knowledge of other professionals in the area. Those who are offering the best expert care.

Their own websites

A dentist’s website tells a lot about them – is it clear and professional? Does it have references to what you need? Are they open about being supportive of new and nervous patients? Does it list children’s care as part of the service? What is it saying about them as a practice?

Go and see

Any practice worth its salt will happily welcome you to the surgery for a chat and look round before you sign up to be part of their patient list. Be able to see what the place is like, is it clean and welcoming? Does it have a good waiting area? Is there a children’s waiting area? All these tiny details really show you the true quality of the care being provided. Don’t shy away from asking too many questions, when it comes to your health, put yourself first.

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