How to Pick the Right Tattoo Parlor?

Choosing the Right Tattoo Parlor

Getting a tattoo is a big deal. It is something that will be there on your body forever. You don’t want something that you are going to regret later, do you? While selecting a tattoo design is the first step to getting a tattoo, the next is finding the right tattoo parlor. There are many tattoo parlors that you can find in your vicinity, but it is best to choose the parlor which uses trendy and innovative designs, and which has provisions for sterilized instruments for etching the tattoo.

Tips for picking the right tattoo parlor

1. It Should Be In Sync With What You Need

Typically, a tattoo parlor will have 3-4 artists, all with their individual styles. Each artist is skilled at a particular kind of work. Some are really good with intricate line work, while others are more adept with mean skulls and animal tattoos. Pick a parlor that has an artist who does your kind of designs. A tattoo artist can work individually, or else, he can be part of a team that works in a tattoo parlor. So it is important to learn about the design catalogues from them.

2. Pay Attention To Hygiene

A tattoo parlor does not have to look trashy in order to look good. In fact, it shouldn’t. Hygiene is of utmost importance at a tattoo shop. You run a serious risk of infections that uses needles to pierce your skin. Some hygiene points you should keep in mind when selecting a tattoo shop include:

  • The artists should use ink for piercing in disposable caps.
  • They should be wearing protective clothing like gloves and masks while working on a client.
  • The place should ideally have an autoclave, which is a device used in hospitals to sanitize equipment.
  • Artists should always use fresh, sanitized needles on every client. Check if the artist is taking out needles from a sealed container. If he is not, it is probably not a place you can trust.
  • They should also use a color that does not have any adverse reaction on the skin.

3. Chat Up Someone With A Good Tattoo

Seeing a tattoo parlor’s portfolio is all fine, but the best way to find a good shop is to see a good tattoo in action. People love showing off their tattoos. If you spot a good one, ask where the person got it from. If you go through some online tattoo parlor reviews, try to find out whether they are genuine reviews or not, and how you can manage your timings and requirements with them. It is also important to know whether they are affordable.

4. Zero In On The Most Difficult Part Of Your Tattoo

Once you have selected a design, identify the toughest part of your design. It could be the lines, the size, or even the color of the tattoo. Once you have identified that, pick a parlor that regularly does that kind of designs.

5. Don’t Pick A Place Just Because It’s Cheap

It’s a complete no-no when it comes to picking a tattoo parlor. You won’t pick a doctor just because he charges less, would you? The same goes for a tattoo artist. A good tattoo shop is going to cost you some bucks, because it will employ good artists, maintain hygiene standards, and give you good service. The artists must be thorough professionals.

When you have to choose an artist from the tattoo parlor, then check if the artists come with qualifications in piercings and body art. There are a lot of schools these days where people can learn these skills. While this should not be your only deciding factor, it does help if the artist has had formal training in the skill of tattooing.  Also trying to find some cool tattoo designs? Visit for an amazing gallery of designs you might highly consider.