Invisalign In Bromley Offers Patients Seven Incredible Benefits

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If you’re currently looking at various options for teeth straightening, consider Invisalign in Bromley to enjoy an exciting range of benefits.

Invisalign aligners offer patients a discrete teeth straightening solution

For some patients who are not comfortable with the idea of having visible braces or aligners, Invisalign offers invisibility as they are discrete and barely noticeable. It can help to enhance your smile without putting your life on hold or resulting in any embarrassment at the idea of having to wear metal braces.

Enjoy fewer food restrictions when opting for invisible aligners

Thanks to Invisalign aligners, patients are able to enjoy a range of food without having any limitations. Patients are able to simply remove the aligner tray from their mouth before eating and then place it back in following the meal.

Aligners are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance

Traditional metal braces are fixed onto your teeth and require additional cleaning and tightening by a dental practitioner; whereas, Invisalign aligners are much lower maintenance and are much less painful. They can be removed at home and cleaned using toothpaste and warm water. They do not require a series of visits to your local dentist to assist with tightening which results in a lot more freedom during your smile journey.

Patients can enjoy the freedom to play sports with fewer restrictions

Thanks to Invisalign, patients are able to enjoy fewer restrictions when it comes to being active as the aligners can be simply removed before taking part in a physical activity. It is recommended that patients wear the aligners for around 20 hours a day in order to achieve optimum results following their treatment period. This leaves around 4 hours each day to remove the aligner trays for taking part in physical activities or eating and drinking.

Enjoy playing a musical instrument without any discomfort

For those patients who enjoy playing a musical instrument, traditional metal braces may result in minor pain or discomfort as a result of the brackets. Thanks to clear aligners such as Invisalign, this is no longer the case; allowing you peace of mind to play with no discomfort.

Invisalign can help boost confidence levels and enhance your appearance

A beautiful, glowing smile can help boost confidence and improve a patient’s self-esteem. For those patients who may be embarrassed about having misaligned or crooked teeth, it may be beneficial to consider Invisalign as a teeth straightening solution.

It can also help to improve your oral health as having overlapping teeth may result in difficulty when it comes to brushing and flossing; this could result in patients being at risk of developing cavities and plaque build-up, resulting in greater risk of an infection. Invisalign not only helps to straighten your teeth, but it can also help with creating more space between each tooth so that they can be easily accessible when brushing.

If you’re considering various dental solutions when it comes to straightening your teeth, consider Invisalign for a healthy, glowing smile.