Why is Invisalign so popular

Using a reflective surface to view our own image dates back to the 5th century BCE. We therefore have been concerned about how we look for a considerably long time. Human beings have been trying to straighten their teeth for centuries. The Egyptians, Ancient Romans and Greeks left clues to their attempts. In the seventeenth century a Frenchman created the forerunner to the brace as we know it today. It has been a long journey from those ancient crude devices to the modern Invisalign in Glasgow system that we have today.

The reasons are not only cosmetic 

A lot of emphasis is put on producing that celebrity smile but straightening a patient’s teeth is more than just helping them to produce that all important smiles. When teeth are crooked, overcrowded or preventing a proper bite, a variety of side effects can be caused. The dental profession refers to this condition as malocclusion. The inability to chew food properly can cause stomach indigestion problems because misaligned teeth cannot break down the food eaten properly. The ability to pronounce certain words and therefore to speak properly can be an embarrassing problem. Little pockets can be created between the teeth causing tooth decay or gum disease and bad breath.

Be guided by the dentist

Orthodontic development over the decades has improved the apparatus used today to straighten misaligned teeth and it is no longer one piece of equipment to correct all conditions. The traditional metal brace has been improved and now sits alongside a variety of other appliances. The system of using blocks, wires and bands is still used but there are braces which self-adjust. There are braces that are made from a clear or tooth coloured material as well as one that fits onto the inside of the teeth. Invisalign in Glasgow provides a different system which has been developed in the twenty first century for the modern times that we live in. Discussing which is best for a particular condition is best done with a dental practitioner who will provide guidance and an explanation of how the particular device works.

Invisalign more than a dental appliance

Invisalign uses a system unlike those used by conventional braces. Instead of blocks that fit onto the front of a patient’s teeth and wires and bands they use a series of trays which resemble gum shields. These trays fit over the teeth and gradually move the teeth into the location required. After a careful examination a number of trays are created, designed around how to correct the particular malocclusion. Each tray has a slightly different orientation, the result after treatment is that the trays will have moved the teeth into the desired location. The technology around the Invisalign system is truly remarkable. Using various hardware and software the Invisalign system allows a patient to see a virtual view of what their smile will look like after treatment. The Clincheck system provides a tool for the dentist to visualise the patient’s treatment plan.

The speed of digitisation

Because virtually everything is done digitally the process of producing the Invisalign aligners is relatively quick and highly accurate. This means that treatment can commence quicker, and results are achieved sooner.

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