Needing A Lawyer For An Urgent Legal Matter? Here Are The Key Qualities To Look Out For

Needing A Lawyer For An Urgent Legal Matter

Whether you are divorcing your spouse or facing a complicated legal matter with your landlord, you will need a lawyer to guide you through a difficult situation successfully.

But how do you find London solicitors who are affordable, experienced and look after your best interests? If you find yourself scrolling through Google, unsure of how to begin your search, start by looking for these five qualities that any competent lawyer is imbued with.

Good Communication And People Skills

It does not matter whether London solicitors were top of their class at university or not, the outcome of a legal matter affects people’s lives, so it is essential to find a professional who is personable while tactical and thorough in helping you win your case. An excellent lawyer must listen carefully, while putting across their point of view in clear and concise English, making complicated legal jargon easier to understand. They should speak well in court and be able to convey what they are saying with confidence while putting forward arguments that are logical and backed up by intensive research.

Research and Investigation

That said, the ability to communicate means nothing if not accompanied by cold, hard facts. A lawyer knows how to research in a short amount of time. He or she will know the right channels to use, which investigators to interview to gather evidence for your case, as well as to rely on laws and regulations to ensure your argument holds water.

A lawyer’s opinion means nothing without this research.

Analytical Skills and Judgment

Need of a good lawyer

A good lawyer will look at the case from all points of view. Using limited sources of information, he or she should have the uncanny ability to spot loopholes in the opposition’s argument, as well as any weaknesses in their client’s case to prepare for any potential curve balls thrown at you by the opposition’s legal team.

At the same time, your legal party must have the skills to digest large amounts of new information quickly and make judgement calls in your favour – this requires quick thinking and making calculated decisions on the spot.

Perseverance and Creativity

Logic and homework only go so far if the outcome of your case is starting to look negative. The job of your lawyer is to find new strategies and angles, have a ‘can-do’ attitude, and think creatively to try help turn your case around.

A court battle can be likened to a game of chess; you have to outplay your opponent and think differently to win.


Any person facing a pending court date is experiencing high levels of stress. There is a pressing need to be continuously updated, even if there is no new information to give. While a lawyer should be dedicating a lot of time on your case and less placating your nerves, he or she must be compassionate and empathetic to your feelings.

In need of a good lawyer? Do not just settle on price alone. There are attributes that you should look out for to help you better the outcome of your case.