Orthodontics Navan Correcting Misaligned Teeth And Jaws

Orthodontics Navan

In the past the mention of certain dental treatments would cause a patient to experience a certain amount of consternation. Orthodontics Navan is the area of dentistry that deals with the correction of misaligned teeth and jaws.

Identifying possible problems early

Our adult teeth tend to start coming through our gums, on average from about seven or eight years old. It is best that children are introduced at an earlier age to the dental surgery to help them to adapt to regular dental visits. Early examinations of children’s teeth and gums also allows the dentist to identify possible problems that may manifest later in life. Simple orthodontic apparatus like braces or aligners can be used to correct misaligned teeth early which will result in fewer dental visits later.

Conditions that require orthodontic intervention

Having teeth that meet together correctly is vitally important as this allows us to chew our food properly. Any dental misalignment could cause damage to the teeth, it’s more difficult to clean teeth correctly which can result in tooth decay. Misaligned jaws can result in many of the same problems but can also cause pain and inability to speak or pronounce words correctly. Protruding teeth, overcrowding, an overbite or underbite are all conditions that orthodontics can correct. The later treatment is sought the more difficult and time consuming treatment becomes.

Orthodontic technology

This area of dentistry has benefitted massively from technology resulting in more efficient, quicker and more manageable equipment. The software and hardware that has developed around orthodontics allows the dentist to achieve better results quicker, benefiting the patient enormously. The introduction of digital x-rays and 3D imaging has allowed for better and more complete views of the oral cavity. Computer aids have helped to produce aligners that are so accurately designed that they can correct many dental misalignments thereby reducing manual intervention and reducing the number of dental visits. It is even possible to produce a virtual digital picture of how a patient’s teeth will look after treatment, before even beginning treatment.

Reducing stress and improving comfort

Orthodontics today is not only about correcting misalignments but doing so with the least amount of patient discomfort. The techniques, science and technology used in orthodontics helps to make treatment more comfortable and less fraught for those patients who are anxious about visits to the dentist.

An asset worth looking after

We are not all born with wonderfully straight and perfect teeth but that does not mean that misaligned teeth cannot be corrected. The earlier treatment is sought the better and in the twenty-first century treatment is more targeted. We are all different and how one patient’s misalignment is treated may require a treatment that will produce the same results but in a different way. That is why the first action that should be taken is an appointment at a dental surgery for a checkup and assessment of a condition. Only then can that all important journey start to healthy straight teeth. One of our most important assets are our teeth as they affect us mentally, providing us with a radiant smile and they affect our health, allowing us to chew our food properly.