Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Should I Whiten My Teeth?

The world we live in is now more image obsessed than ever, we’re constantly bombarded with images of our friends, family, celebrities and influences and sometimes it feels like they’re all flashing a bright, white perfect smile. Now, being proud of such a big part of us is super important and it’s important that everyone feels good in their skin but sometimes the pressure to look perfect all the time can get to us and actually leaves us feeling less than. So why are teeth whitening so popular? And should you be doing it? Let’s take a look.

The New Wave

Teeth whitening was born to help those who had serious staining issues from years of smoking, poor oral hygiene and consumption of too many tannins but now it appears people who have white teeth are just making them even whiter. And if that makes them happy then sure they should be doing it? But sometimes it’s easy to get confused between wanting something for ourselves and doing something because everyone else is.

Are You Thinking About Whitening?

If you’re reading this it’s highly likely you’re considering whitening yourself? Yes? Ok. Well teeth whitening is an excellent confidence booster and if done by a dentist Stevenage using professional products it’s super safe and offers amazing results and if you’ve asked yourself the following questions and feel confident with the answers then you book an initial consultation with your dentist for sure.

The Questions

Here’s a set of questions you should be asking yourself before you commit yourself to any cosmetic procedure no matter how big or small. Changing our appearance does have an impact on our brains and you need to be sure about what you’re doing and why if you’re going to make a cosmetic choice safely.


Why do you want to whiten your smile? Is this something you’ve wanted for years or days? Are you comparing yourself to others? Have you seen someone else’s whitened teeth? Has someone said something about your teeth? What is the cause? Making sure that you are embarking on this journey for you and not society is key – happiness doesn’t come with whiter teeth but a little extra confidence might.


What do you think will happen by whitening your teeth? Do you think you’ll suddenly love your teeth? Do you think all your worries will be solved? Do you think you’ll get more attention? What do you think this will achieve? If you’re expecting life changing results physically and mentally from whitening then you’re not really managing your expectations. Teeth whitening is an amazing life enhancer not a life changer.


Have you experienced a big life event? A breakup? New job? Baby? It’s very important that we acknowledge and aren’t embarrassed to say that when we’re experiencing big life changes sometimes, we want to just change everything in our lives. But change only comes from within and whitening your teeth won’t sort out other worries.