Surprising Facts About Lamborghini

Lamborghini is an Italian brand and one of the best manufacturers of luxury sports cars. This company is owned by the Volkswagen Group with the help of its subsidiary Audi.

In 1966, the company gained recognition for the Miura sports coupe. The company established a rear wheel drive, rear mid-engine as its standard layout and acquired a niche in high-performance cars during this era.

Although Lamborghini gained fame in its first decade itself, its sale volume boosted in 1973 during oil crisis and the financial downturn. Post 1973, the ownership of the company changed thrice including one bankruptcy.

In 1987, American Chrysler Corporation took charge of the brand and then sold it to a Malaysian Group in 1994. The Malaysian Group then sold the brand to Volkswagen Group in 1998. With time, new products and model lines were introduced into the brand portfolio and later in the market. This new addition bought productivity to the brand.

So far the Lamborghini experienced a roller coaster journey but the good part being that the luxury brand till date stands out from the competitors and holds an elite reputation in the market.

Discussed below are certain surprising facts about Lamborghini which you may or may not have heard-


Lamborghini emerged and came into sight due to one of its all time competitor company. And that’s how the Italian beauty became popular as one of the best manufactured sports car. Many people are not aware about the fact that Ferruccio Lamborghini was a successful engineer. In fact, he was also a successful manager and owner of a company which produced agricultural machinery.

He loved sports cars and also owned Ferrari 250 GT. There were rumours that Enzo Ferrari had once suggested Feruccio to deal with tractors rather than sports car over a broken clutch of his Ferrari.

Lamborghini, without any second thought took up the challenge and used his assets, passion and experience to start a company. Not only start but develop it to such a level that it is neck-to-neck to Ferrari.


Ferruccio Lamborghini stayed away from motorsports and neglected the industry. But, the manufacturer revised his policy and took initiative to test the waters in supercars. Today, the Italian beauty has a remarkable presence in the world of car racing.

They have exceptional model line which stands out from their competitors. If you are fan of super cars and wish to drive one you can get in touch with companies that provide a formula one simulator for hire so that you can feel the thrill of riding a supercar.

Lamborghini also collaborated with the Swiss watchmaker for a grand launch at a prestigious motor racing series. The Swiss company presented special watch for the mono-brand championship.


The Italian company has a distinctive naming principle for all of its car models. Well, one of the reasons being that the owner was a huge fan of Spanish bullfight. He was so impressed by the traditional art of bullfights during one of his visits that he decided to name all his new sports cars on the famous fighting bulls.

As a matter of fact, all the bulls who manage to defeat a matador are provided life and their names get etched in the sport’s history. Ferruccio was pretty much convinced that a name of a fighting bull will bring profound emphasis to his series of sports cars. Moreover, his Zodiac sign was Taurus which means he himself resembles a sense of bull.


Of all its feature, benefits and attributes Lamborghini was and till date is quite well-known for its exceptional and elite design. No wonder some of the best professionals like Marcello Gandini, ItalDesign, Mario Marazzi, Zagato, Touring and Franco Scaglione shared their valuable experience on its visual design.


1966 marked the debut of the sports car under the bullish name- Lamborghini Miura. The car debuted at Geneva Motor show and was the first model to be named under a bull which the public appreciated.

However, viewers were confused as they did not have the permission to open the hood. Well, surprisingly there was no science behind it but the fact that there was no engine under it. The truth is that the engine was still getting designed while the prototype was already sent to the Geneva Motor Show.

The best part being that Miura came out as a very good car.


Not many know that the United Arab Emirates and Italy Police use Lamborghini cars. Well, no wonder the police makes use of the world’s fastest car to trace criminals. Even tourists prefer the Italian beauty for their journey around the country.

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