The role of aesthetics in dentistry has always been there, and although many people feel that the dental care that they’ve received has been focused on returning function and health, there’s a lot that a local dentist Nottingham can do when it comes to aesthetics. So much so that many clinics have begun combining cosmetic procedures together and providing dental makeover packages by complimenting oral and facial aesthetics.

Dental whitening

Dental whitening brightens the enamel of the teeth by either lightening stains chemically using oxides or removing surface staining with abrasion. Like all cosmetic procedures, the goal is to achieve an aesthetic that balances the rest of the patient’s appearance. This can be difficult to achieve without having experience with the tools and bleaching agents. Therefore, it is advised that patients attend their local dental clinics to undertake this procedure rather than using at-home kits.

Orthodontic clear aligners

Orthodontics as the practice of straightening teeth had never had much of a cosmetic following. For anybody willing to improve their dental alignment, the idea of having to go through 6 to 12 months of wearing a brace would have seemed completely counterproductive. Although there was some use of veneers to give the appearance of greater alignment.

The use of clear aligners like Invisalign has changed the way orthodontics is seen, giving patients the ability to straighten their teeth with far more convenience and privacy. As clear aligners often go unnoticed in public, they are particularly useful for working professionals, conducting meetings and relying on face-to-face communication.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers used to be the go-to Hollywood smile solution, and they certainly can bring about the fastest change. As other techniques have developed, such as clear aligners and dental whitening, veneers themselves are becoming rarer as they are one of the more expensive options. But if your aesthetic transformation is long overdue or on a deadline, these thin laminates of porcelain can be your best option.

White filings

White fillings, as they are known today, are a fairly recent development; a type of composite bonding that relies on UV-cured resins has allowed white fillings to become far more common than inlays. Inlays were the predecessors, which were more akin to tiny veneers placed over part of a tooth and, therefore, significantly more expensive. They have not been accepted as standard NHS treatment except for the front 6 teeth, but as they continue to show their worth in the clinic, they are likely to replace traditional metal amalgam as the filling material of choice.

The dental makeover

The dental makeover really finds its strength in the synergy between treatments by bringing together the entire toolset of a fully qualified dentist. The transformation can be very significant, whether your goal is to cultivate a younger, healthier smile or receive a dazzling transformation.

It is also worth considering that the extensive training and high standards of regulation which go into dental services add a degree of reassurance and professionalism. When you go to a dental practice, you can rest easy knowing that you will be in good hands.

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