Three Easy Steps For Healthier Employees

Easy Steps For Healthier Employees, How to keep your employees happy

Healthy employees are better overall employees, with lower rates of absenteeism, higher efficiency and greater productivity. They experience lower levels of stress and express higher loyalty. So it isn’t just nice—it is good business—to do what it takes to ensure a healthy staff. Here are some easy steps you can take.

Keep the Office Clean

Don’t assume someone from the administrative staff will wipe down the breakroom counter. Spreading germs around the office can present major problems, especially during flu season, so this is one job that needs to be done right. Call in the professionals. A company offering office cleaning services orange park fl will take care of everything from windows to floors and everything in between. Find someone who will use environmentally friendly or natural cleaning products, as they tend to be less allergenic than harsh chemicals.

Stock Healthy Snacks

Many offices have vending machines or breakroom refrigerators filled with snacks to stave off afternoon sluggishness. Good idea but skip the typical vending machine fare—candy, soda and pretzels will offer a temporary energy boost but human bodies process sugar and carbohydrates so quickly that the positive effects are gone in an hour. Instead, nourish your employees properly. You can do this by providing options such as fresh fruit, flavored water, individual serving bags of nuts, Greek yogurt and jerky.

Insist On Vacations

Don’t just award paid time off—incentivize your employees to use it. Employees who regularly take time off show greater productivity and higher morale. Moreover, it’s good for the economy. Be sure your company culture avoids perpetuating the myth that workers who take time off are less dedicated or less loyal. Balance workloads so that no one is too busy to take time off, and be sure staff are cross trained to cover the absent worker’s tasks. Most importantly, model the behavior you want to see: take vacations yourself and emphasize all the positive effects of doing so.