Tips For Making Your Room The Sanctuary You Deserve

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Everyone says that the kitchen and bathroom are the key rooms of the home, however for you personally, your bedroom is your sanctuary and oasis of calm at the end of a long, hard day. You don’t just sleep here, it’s also the spot where you can relax and really be yourself. When people come to visit, they may be packed into your living room, kitchen and dining room, but they won’t be hanging out in your bedroom (unless you’re a teenager!) Your bedroom is a private space where you can really unwind and feel cozy and safe. So, how do you turn that special room into a true sanctuary? Here are some top tips.

Choose The Right Paint

Think carefully before painting the walls of your bedroom. It’s not really the best spot to have a fire engine red wall or a luminous orange paint job. Neutral and soft colors are often the best choice for this space if you want it to feel relaxing and peaceful. Choosing subtle colors also helps you to choose more exciting color accents for your bedlinen and wall art. Bold colors are easier to cope with in small amounts and are also easier to replace when you’re tired of them and want to try something new.

Consider Your Lighting

Lighting can make or break your bedroom. Yes, you need plenty of light but you need to be careful how you distribute it. Choose the right bulb wattage and style of bulbs to suit your ceiling height. You might want to think about ceiling spotlights recessed into your bedroom ceiling as well as some lamps close to the bed to add some ambient lighting when you don’t need it to be too bright. Wall sconces also work well in a bedroom, and are useful for brightening up a bare wall.

What About The Flooring?

You can really refresh your bedroom by updating your flooring. If you have an aging carpet, you can install a new one in a thick pile which complements your room theme while also giving you additional comfort underfoot. If you’ve got wood floors, you can simply invest in an attractive and thick rug to put by your bed. This will cushion your feet when you get up in the morning, and will make your space feel cozier.

Bed Linen and The Bed

The true focal point of your bedroom is always going to be your bed, so think about how you’re going to decorate it. Choose an interesting headboard and even a canopy if you’re keen to bring some old-world glamor into your space. Or simply focus on the bed linen. Your bed will feel much more welcoming if you choose some soft, beautiful bedding with plenty of pillows to make you feel cushioned and cozy. You can get information here about how to choose the best pillows for you.

Storing Your Essentials

Your bedroom can be packed with all kinds of stuff, from clothes to trinkets and storing it is sometimes a challenge, especially if your space is small. A dresser is often the best choice, but if you have a compact bedroom, consider in-built shelving instead or drawers under your bed to hold your magazines and books. You could also consider an ottoman in which to store your bed linen.

Adding Some Accents

No bedroom is complete without lots of personality, character and style injected into it. You can showcase all your favorite artistic items here. Hang photos of your loved ones on the walls, choose some great wall art, add some vases of flowers, distinctive lights features or make a display of jewelry boxes. Be as creative as you want when it comes to decorating this space – after all, it’s all for you!

Your bedroom is supposed to be an oasis of calm and comfort, so make sure to transform the space into the beautiful sanctuary you deserve. If you follow these top tips, you’re sure to find that your boring bedroom becomes a gorgeous space where you can unwind, relax and really feel at home in your own house, away from the hustle and bustle of family life!