Tips on Choosing Metal Fabrication Companies

Tips on Choosing Metal Fabrication Companies

When you’re searching the market for metal fabrication Portland Oregon, you may be unsure how to find the right choice for your business. Metal fabrication companies are not “one size fits all”, so you need to decide who’s best equipped to help with your project. Start by considering the questions you need to ask and information you should gather.

Services Provided

Metal fabrication encompasses a broad set of procedures and services that range from working raw or semi-processed materials to shaping and finishing the end products. Cutting, stamping, extrusion and welding are just a few examples, all of which require particular equipment and considerations based on the materials and end products. Consider your options for fabricators based on what their capabilities are—generally, this starts with finding fabricators that specialize in your industry.

Production Run

What sort of order are you planning to make? Short- or long-term production? Bulk orders or small volume custom runs? The logistics of each vary greatly and often demand a production line geared towards handling that kind of order. Decide what kind of production run you need based on quantity, quality and project timeline, then consult with fabricators to find a good match.

Experience and Credentials

You want to be certain that the company you turn to has a good track record with the work they do. Make sure to research or inquire about the credentials of in-house designers, engineers and other experts, as well as testimonials from past clients. Additionally, be sure to determine that fabricators in question specifically have worked with similar projects to yours, including the materials used and the types of products created. If necessary, look into the company’s suppliers for materials.


The last information you’ll need from metal fabrication companies is the expected costs of the project. Any company worth turning to will provide a custom quote for your project on request. Use these quotes to make a final decision, keeping in mind the equipment and expertise that comes with each to determine if the price is worth it.